Change alani character card from healer to rescuer

To me alani is not a healer she is a rescuer who saves people with a burst heal similar to rayna with her overshield + plasma healing

This way alani can do her role more effectively as currently everyone is especting her to heal consently which she severly fails at doing

This also helps her control role aswell as she will not be treated as a healer which will give her more freedom with players when picking her

Currently the issue with alani is that ur team things u can keep them alive indefinately which in reality alani cannot heal quickly enough to warrent as a healer

To me alani may need some reworks i like the healing monk idea but i thing she be better off leaning more towards her control role then healing

But this is a suggestion and may get flamed for it


Well, if you keep hitting the heal trigger/button you’ll keep healing for smaller amounts (roughly 60-85 each time) so she can be a steady healer. She does focus on bursts, but she can heal at a superior rate to Ambra and she’s classified a healer.

I absolutely agree. I’ve had several Montanas go right out into the middle of the field and take damage without trying to move thinking I’m going to be able to keep them alive as Alani and then get mad at me when I can’t. Alani=/=Miko