Change attackstyle usage with tactics stance?

Howdy all,

Sort of a random thought - is it possible to link what attackstyle a ship uses to it’s current tactics stance?

Example would be - I set my ships to passive, they make one long strafing run and GTFO. Or, I set my ships to aggressive, and they swarm a ship in circle strafe mode.


At the moment, no. And really what you want is attack styles mapped to formation which you then allow to vary by stance.

My (loose! no promises!) plan of attack right now:

  • No more Strikegroups.lua - all strike groups in the folder are loaded (so they’re changing!)

  • No more ‘as needed’ Formations - all formations in that folder are loaded at game start (many reasons).

  • Strikegroup and Formation name aliases.

  • More than one formation per tactic (a bit hard to explain, trust me, it makes sense)

  • Ship values as a ‘default’ - but also by formation.

I won’t go into what all of this does just yet (still working on the UI and prototyping the results) - but it will be a massive sea-change for balance and behaviors - while helping shift things towards HW1-style when warranted.

It is, however, an INSANE amount of work - including not breaking existing save games :frowning:


Is this more of a HW2 races squadron thing (like instead of the squadron going from Delta to X to Claw when going from Neutral, Defensive, Aggressive, there will be formation subsets for the squadrons)? Or are all races going to have their formations constrained to a selected tactic? I.E. Defensive tactics will be able to do Wall and Sphere, Neutral tactics will do Broad and Delta, Aggressive will do Claw and X. Or will this be controlled in the .ship file so we could do “all tactics have all formations available” or limit them as needed/desired?

Everytime there is an update in a game its expected that most mission saves are going to stop working, the only ones you should worry about is about the persist files.This same thing happens in mods.

I remember when Supreme Commander updated, all our previous replays where not going to work anymore, and that really hurt a lot!