Change Bots Battle to 4 Humans vs 5 AI

Been playing Bots Battle, but these matches are horribly one sided.
The AI is dumb as bricks.

Score always ends up 100-0 Incursion, 400-0 Meltdown, etc.

Can we please change it to 4 Humans vs 5AI?
Heck even test out 3H vs 5AI

So at least they have a numbers advantage.

Even at 4v5 it should still be very lopsided. 1-3 Humans v 5 AI might be more “balanced”, especially if all the Humans are newbies.

Any vets that are CR100+ will find it extremely easy.

What I would suggest would be to give the AI and their entire minion/sentry/thrall allies a damage amp on your team. They already aimbot for crits, let them deal more damage AND take reduced damage. That might dissuade HUMANS from picking on an AI headfirst with no fear.


You have a point there.
Increasing the bot health and/or dmg output would make it more balanced.
And still allow it to be 5v5.

Bots battles aren’t really meant to be the meat of the PvP in this game. It’s more there to give people a chance to practice or just have a quick bit of fun outside of normal matches. Yes, they are very easy at times, but if they were too difficult to fight against, no one would bother

…You already have at least one human who isn’t helping, most of the time.
See the one running around grabbing shards? The one buying every build-able?
I’ve been seeing these newer Oscar Mike peeps hanging out in our own base acting goofy.

What´s wrong with this, if I may ask O.O
(As dedicated buider I do it all the time, bot-match or not…)

…It’s ok until they were the healer and I was the Dragoooon who just died trying to get the center turrets up.

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If I have a quest to build 60 buildables - I will only do that, I will not care about helping my teammates most of the time, because that’s not my goal of that certain match. I think bots battle does 2 things for 2 different kinds of players:

  1. Newer people can play at their own pace.
  2. People can go and work towards their daily/main quests without worrying about their teammates and team performance, because in the end you will win 99% of the time. (not 100%, because I actually lost one bots battle before when I was paired with 4 newbies that didn’t capture a single capture point… so, this can happen to everyone out there).

But I would really enjoy more clever, stronger and beefier bots tho.


I don’t PvP much these days in games since I have found that my reflexes aren’t as good as they were when I was younger. I am still a huge n00b at this game and I even notice how dumb the bots are. They sure like to feed one at a time into a 5 man mob. It’s always a complete face roll.

I’m actually REALLY surprised there isnt a selectable difficulty for bots…

As long Montana, Reyna and Ghalt get NO buff I´m in. These 3 are my bane, and even the Bots of these 3 chars are really evil most of the time.
(Sometimes still plain stupid, like a melee-Montana-Bot last night…only used his finger, no gun o.O)

This is always welcome.

Killzone games tend to have strong replay value by offering the PvP experience offline aswel, with really bloody smart bots. And that spoiled me I suppose. When I played Bb, I couldnt bother with the PvP portion at all, I don’t like playing against randoms, but the bots are as dumb as a bag of bricks unfortunatly.

Short bots battles are a player problem. Don’t push the objective so hard. Take it easy.

But I think it would be cool if they made it to where you can enter into the queue and choose whether to look for other players or not. Like if you go into it with a 3 man, you could have the option to not look for other players and keep it a three man.

…I’ve used The Archive for that several times now, the turrets at the end also count.

apparently not anymore? or does that change only apply to things like the minions/thralls and not AI bots?

great guy, here.

Thank you.