Change Fight for life?

Just putting this out there and asking the question

Recently I have found myself dying far to often because no mobs are visible to kill

what about a simple change that offers fight for life success if no damage is taken during its duration ?

it would resolve the issue that must have caught a lot of people out ?

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No, that’s a nonsense idea. It’s fine as it is, what’s the penalty to respawn? You lose some money that literally has no other use? Just leave it as it is.

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Well I asked and appreciate your reply, for me its purely the frustration of dying with no way to respond or survive, I find it maddening

I’m happy to have chance, to get even something like second wind. Almost every other game is just: “No health left? Then DIE YOU F****R!!”.

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Had the same frustration a couple of times, especially in the Pain & Terror fight - I’d be ignoring the adds, take a knee and then POOF they’ve all vanished because the rotating blade apparently took them all out?

One fight I definitely think should be fixed is the Lavender Crawley one - the Crawleys have this tendance to pod up at something like 2% health, at which point they become invulnerable. If you’re unfortunate enough to be in FFYL when that happens, you’re doubly screwed: first, you can’t 2nd wind off them and second, when you respawn they’ll all be missing unless you save-quit-restart.

tl;dr I think there’s definitely some areas where the mechanics work against the FFYL mechanic to the player’s disadvantage, so if there was something that could be done with those specifically I for one would appreciate it.

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dying is such a non issue in this game. “oh no, ten percent of your infinite and useless money”. If you can’t revive because all the enemies are dead then you still win.

The biggesrt issue is that enemies recover all health and shields, making boss battles especially frustrating.

Moze voice on

Don’t die scrubs !

Moze voice off

Honnestly, dying in any game is also part of the game, Borderland already make dying very much of a non issue with the FFYL mechanic (which isn’t perfect, but let’s be honnest, the must is to avoid dying in the first place). Boss fight are extremely easy overall and make them even less of an issue

Even if you fail FFYL, you loose … nothing?

The only slightly annoying point to this is the fact the game kinda rely around FFYL in some case, with some very badly balanced mob that can random one shot you.

have to agree with you :wink:

allthough frustrating it doesn’t realy matter much (ok sometimes you have to walk a bit far but still)

I only find it an issue when fighting the bosses. You’re tripping over minions trying to kill the boss, then they all seem to magically disappear as soon as you need one for FFYL :slight_smile:

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FFYL has been a staple in the Borderlands franchise forever.
It gives players a chance to not die, but may not always work due to nothing to kill. I see no reason to change it.
If I do end up dying completely, pull up bootstraps and try again.
Sometimes it is frustrating, especially if you accidentally killed the last minion and then got put in FFYL.
Heck, yesterday after killing Haunt in the Heck Hole, I was smashing open jars, had a ghost pop out, shot it with my Shock Fear Monger shotgun and somehow killed myself. Of course everything was already dead, so I ended up dying. Felt stupid, but that’s the way it goes LoL :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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There’re flying ghosts below the surface. :wink:

good point

A loss of the most valuable limited commodity you personally own, Time.

The OP does have a point though. It’s not the fight for your life mechanic but that it seems, more so than usual, that when you do go into FfYL you have no one you can use to respawn.

Bosses killing canon fodder like Killavolt & Pain & Terror, then Invulnerable enemies, enemies that run and hide when before they would just run at you suicide style, etc…

Often it feels very cheap and in many situations, there is nothing you can do about it.

lol love it boot straps and all