Change font size or Gui size

Is there any way to change the font size on the game? It is giving me headache. Ive had the game since release. My friend and I have been wanting to play splitscreen for a while. It seems as if a lot of the lag has been fixed, but its impossible to read the stats or even smaller menu items. Im downloading a big update right now and was wondering if that option was added in?


Unfortunately, no. Font size has been a common complaint from day 1. GBX have said several times that GUI issues like this are one of the things they are looking at - especially for split-screen co-op where it’s even smaller. But they’ve also said that the way GUI elements work it’s not as simple as changing a number because the GUI interacts with a lot of different elements in complex ways.

I’m guessing that the big update you’re loading is the one that added Mayhem 2.0 and the Cartels event? You can find all the patch notes in the BL3 News section.