Change Forum Name?

How can I change my forum name? :frowning:

What would you like it changed to? I can just change it for you if you’d like.

KaelangTV please.

For some reason it auto selected warney123 :frowning:


That’s probably part of your sign-in email. The system automatically populates part of your email as your first username until you change it.

ah yeah it was, thank you. :smiley:

No worries! I’ll bill ya! ;D

Is that something that could be fixed going forward? It seems to have caught a few people out, and it’s not easy (perhaps impossible?) for regular forum members to change once set. An empty field with a prompt to force entering a user name before continuing would be preferable to populating with an email account user name.

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It’s actually something I’m having a conversation with the Discourse team currently.


This is great timing, haha. I’ve been trying to figure out why updating my display name on Shift doesn’t update my display name here, despite the message in my inbox saying that’s how it’s done. TheCrabofDreams is the name I’m trying to change to, but in general it would be nice if you could clarify if I’m doing something wrong?

Joe, this caught me off guard, too! I tried changing mine to “Xc1te” on the ShiFt account page, but it didn’t seem to carry over to the forum.

Would you be able to change mine to Xc1te by any chance? It would be greatly appreciated. =)

good to go!

Awesome! Thank you! =)

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Im sorry if this is too much of a necro, but I wasn’t sure where to ask this properly.

Can I have my Username for the forums altered as well please?

I’d prefer “Dragon270”, but if that is taken then “AGreenDragon” could work too.

I tried editing my SHiFT like others mentioned and I am a little frustrated that did not work.

I hope that the team behind the forums takes your suggestion seriously because for some people its a little uncomfortable having chunks of their email saved as their username even though the forum profile implies some privacy for emails.

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You’re all set!

For posterity: this thread can be updated anytime someone wants to request a username change. No need to worry about necros! :slight_smile:


Necro it is! May I please have my username changed to “The3rdInstallment” and if that’s to lengthy then some variant of “CIII__” or “3RD” works too. Thanks in advance! :grin:

Edit: :sweat_smile: that speed though GG

Can you change my name to Ka-Klaw or Kaklaw?

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Got ya fixed up, Klaw :slight_smile: