Change Holiday Events

I would just like to add that im a little upset with the BL3 events compared to the seasonal events that we had in BL2 and dont understand why it is that in Borderlands 2 i could play the Bloody Harvest event as much as i wanted for as long as i wanted there was no set time frame or limit as to when it would finish coz it never. Im now dissapointed that iv missed out on getting the weapon skin coz i still needed to kill captain haunt 4 more times to complete all the challenges and for sum1 that likes to try and get 100% on most things like that in game is very frusrating to have it taken out of my hands so that its no longer possible to get 100%. I would be intrested to know if any1 else feels the same way i do and maybe see if we can try to get Gearbox to make it so we are able to go back and play the events when we choose to and get rid of Maurice and just make it that we have to use the fast travel to get to the event like we did in Borderlands 2.

I don’t have a problem with limited time events. What I have a problem with is gbx’s motivations for having then.

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Let me guess, you own The Handsome Collection, but you did not play the original BL2 at release?

These were added much later as Headhunter Packs (in 2nd year?), and they were mini DLCs you had to pay for, 3.99$ or something like that. With THC you got everything at once, together with all DLCs, extra VHs etc.

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I just need them to do a Christmas one :christmas_tree::santa::gift:


U guess wrong my friend iv been playin BL1 and 2 since the day of release and paid for all dlc on release