Change of Player causes Refocus

For the past year and a half I have been playing as Salvador and reached Level 80 a few times. Recently I picked up an earlier game as Maya the Siren. I have progressed through to Level 74 but it is hard work after Salvador. In particular my Maya character has died more times in the Scarab Research Centre than in the 18 months of being Salvador. The features which have caused me a few issues is the lack of Ammo Regeneration and Money Shot Skill on Maya. But I am slowly improving. My play as Maya has prompted a couple of questions:

  1. Is it me or are the Bandit Plasma Casters rubbish? The gun damage is half to a tenth of Maliwan Plasma Casters of 2 or 3 levels lower.
  2. Is it possible to get a Legendary Cat COM without having to kill a Raid Boss (which I have absolutely no chance of doing)?

Not real sure on the Plasma casters as I rarely use them.

But the Legendary Cat COM you can get from Tubbies. I’m currently leveling up (yet another) Zer0 and as part of the leveling process I farmed Tubbies in the Arid Nexus Badlands. Not only did I get both Leg Sniper and Leg Killer, but I also found a Leg Cat and another COM for Gaige.

The Dust, behind Ellies is another good spot for farming Tubbies.

Maya can be a monster. I’d suggest checking out the resources in the Maya sub-section, and specifically the top gear and builds threads. You’ll find lot’s of suggestions on skills - as well as info about weapon choices - there.

With plasma casters: bandit ones can be very good or very bad, depending on a number of factors. For most manufacturers what you’re really trying to optimize is DPS on target, which means mag size, fire rate, reload time, and accuracy stats all come in to play. And since those are modified by weapon parts, you may just have been unlucky in your drops.

  1. In my opinion yes, just because you never hit anything with them, i prefer Maliwan or Tediore.
    Maybe I’m missing something though

  2. Yes, they drop from tubbies from lvl 62 upwards, if you’re on PC i have a spare one, but it’s L79

Bandit PCs don’t have the same splash type as the others. Maya’s Reaper will boost the Bandit’s splash but not enough to make them as effective as the others. Obviously its random accuracy makes it require near point blank…which one can safely do with a Subsequence Maya.

Just realized I’m a bit late here. Maybe I should check this board more than once a week :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you have a spare Cat COM that would be great. I am based in the UK. To arrange a time to trade let me know what time zone you are in. Is there anything that you need?

PMd you :slight_smile:

Thanks, but what does PMd mean?

Private message. If the other user did that on the forums, check your forum ‘messages’ inbox (click on your avatar in top right then the envelope icon.). Otherwise check for messages on your PSN account.

I will probably be online tomorrow evening (Saturday 29th February) from around 19:00 GMT. How do you fancy going through the Mt Scarab Research Centre and on to kill Hector? Oh, I am at Level 65.