Change the name to Crashlands

The frequency of crashing is really unacceptable.

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Then beat Wotan and the game bugs no respawn, loot basically gone because the lost loot only holds so much and always prioritizes the junk…

What platform?

Up until about a month ago I crashed relatively frequently but since then not once.

The game hasnt chrashed once on my ps4. The Performance could still be a bit better i mean the loading of the menu and if i Start the game i have to wait about 10sec to jump in a cehicle.

Ive only had 2 crashes on ps4. Both since the last patch. Brough me to blue screen with an error code. My loot that was on the ground at the time did go to lost loot, but your right it prioritises junk half the time.

I know that crashes rarely happen on the base PS4 (I had 3 in over 300 hours, all very shortly after the installation of a new patch btw.), but certain PC configs and the XBox consoles in general seem to be far worse off.

Dang some of yall are lucky over my entire experience for BL3 I had a minimum of load 25+crashes and I’m on the ps4

Haven’t had many crashes on XBOne, personally.

What version of the PS4 do you have? I assume that it has enough room for the airflow? How old is it?
My PS4 is a 20th anniversary fat base PS4 1 TB (2015) with roughly 20 cm of breathing room on the sides and 40 cm on the back. Those supposedly have worse parts build-in than the regular fat PS4 models, but so far it has worked perfectly (although Final Fantasy XV still makes it sound like a Jet taking flight).

I’ve had a reasonably trouble-free run on XB1X recently although I did have the sound completely die on me a couple of weeks ago, after which I had to do a complete re-install. Then last night I lost vehicle sound on Promethea (though not Pandora), which has me a little nervous it’s going to spread further yet again.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve also had the controller disconnect randomly, despite having a near-full battery. Don’t know if that’s the game or the hardware though to be fair

Its def not a PS4 issue this game has mad bugs is all and I experience them all. Everytime they post a hotfix that has some bug fixes I’ve usually experienced the ones they fix. Especially when u honestly couldnt beat takedown that has cussed like 50%of my crasjes

Yeah, the game is buggy, but I have not heard of such a bad experience on the PS4 since november. That is why I asked. And yes, with every patch I too have some new (but minor) problems, but the bugs that get fixed usually seem to be fixed on my end. Only exception I can remember was the recoil issue with shotguns, which actually got worse after the hotfix that should have fixed it. But a week later that was also resolved.

Crash crash crash crash… mostly at the valkeries that is a coding problem. Part of the problem is every single bullet and bomb has insane graphics sparklies. It’s fine single player but more than 2 and often times I can’t see anything, and I am playing at the lowest settings now, although it really hasn’t changed anything going from graphic set to high and then set to low.

Also it’s total BS on Gearbox’s part to design something like the Maliwan take down that requires spamming of every grenade and launcher and chain effects like the brainstormer. It seems like they decided to have a high probability of crashing to be part of the difficulty of the raid. I know that is the most difficult part for many players. If you don’t crash you usually complete it…