Change the voice of Taiidan to Karan please? (+ 2 large changes)

Hey all. I like playing Taiidani, but I hate the Vagyr voice. The original Homeworld had the same voice for both sides, I would like this back please.

Also, remove the resource requirement for research, please.

Also, please let me build more than two ships at a time with the original mothership.

More stuff that makes this game not good:

Homeworld 1 Remastered.

If you set a que of fighters up to be manufactured, like a Scout, you’ll hear “Scout complete” every ten seconds or so. This gets kind of annoying pretty fast.

Things that make this game good:

Holy ■■■■ I’m playing Homeworld again, this is awesome.

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It’s not the vaygr voice, it’s the taiidani voice.


Just wanted to repeat what Stuard98 said: Vaygr voice is handsomely smooth and sexy. That other voice is Taiidan. Personally, not a fan, either.

I’m personally ok with the Taiidani voice. Helps differentiate the two factions, something I felt the original needed more of.

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At this point I think the best option is a tick mark in the customization screen, where you can change your fleet colors, to allow players the option of which mothership voice they would like (after all, there are 4 options).

This is a very good idea & I support it.
It could also extend to a ‘sound set’, with possible customizable options.

Giving gamers the choice is always the right move in my opinion.


No way, i love the Taiidan Emperors voice.
Anyhow whats the point of different voices ? Taiidan or Vaygr with a Higaran voice would be like driving a chopper in a pink tutu skirt…the game has tens of other - far more important issues to address atm than this im afraid.


that’s not the taiidan emperor’s voice, it’s his flagship commander. the emperor’s walking around the gift shops, the voice if of the poor sap stuck in the command center.

Some people just can’t be happy. You know how much thought I gave for the Taiidan voice in my experience of the game. A quick, “hey that’s new” and that’s that… I really don’t care. And yet I’m posting on a thread about it. I suppose I just find this thread, like so many others, inane. Which is really what offends me.

Herecomethej; you should learn to be less offended over trivial stuff.

3dfx; with an option you can keep it and I don’t have to. I really don’t enjoy playing with what sounds like a supervillian in my ear. Plus, in HW1 either Taiidan or Kushan could be the Exiled Ones, so if we’re trying to keep true to the original game, the two voices should honestly be the same. Anyway, I just like to have Karen’s voice in my ear instead of this other dude.

Really though, the biggest things are the constant callouts whenever small strike craft are complete and the building one ship at a time deal. The resource requirement kind of makes logical sense (you have to pay for lab supplies, after all), but the other two really make it annoying to play or totally change the way the game play.

Technically, it’s two ships at a time, so long as they’re of different ship types. I can build Interceptors and Attack Bombers simultaneously, for instance. It would be nice to allow more simultaneous productions, though, at least in single player, but at the same time I don’t tend to be pressed for time to that extent during the campaign.

EDIT: As for the other points… the Kushan have been established as the Exiled Ones by the creators, so if you don’t want to hear a supervillain, stop playing the evil empire. Hell, I don’t like playing as evil factions, and Kushan were the default for the original release of HW1, so I avoided Taiidan like the plague.


It really changes the game to make production non-simultaneous. It slows down the pace and removes an originally very unique piece of gameplay from the original game.

Also, we’re not just talking about campaign, it’s also multiplayer.

The constant call outs for each individual unit being built are annoying (which brings me to one of the original points in this thread).

Can you summarize why you think giving the players the option to change their mothership’s voice in skirmish, along with their team colors, is a bad idea?

Can you summarize why you think giving the players the option to change their mothership’s voice in skirmish, along with their team colors, is a bad idea?

Yes. Because it’s what the developer intended (Gearbox, I mean). You could argue that it isn’t what Relic originally intended, but I’ve always thought it was more or less an oversight to have Karan as the voice of the Taiidan. It’s much cooler to give the Taiidan their own identity.

Games don’t simply let you customize anything you want. StarCraft doesn’t let you play Zerg with Protoss voices, because that would make no sense stylistically. The creators made a choice of how they want their game to sound. You can either agree or disagree, but adding in a new option to customize something every time someone doesn’t like a decision is chaos (both from a user standpoint and a developer standpoint).

Well I’m glad you recognize it’s trivial.

Anyway…does anyone else feel like fighters are too inaccurate now? A wing of 3 scouts will chase another scout across the entire map before being able to land a hit.

Oh, also, the UI is pretty bad. I know others have remarked on this, but HW2’s UI was worse than HW1’s - the extra categories aren’t necessary, it’s way easier to select which units to build when they’re all on a single screen.