Change to Incursion

I believe that to make incursion more fair, the sentry’s shield shouldn’t be able to go down when an battleborn damages it, I think the minions should be the only thing able to destroy the shield.

Yes, there could be problems with this but my point being is that the minions are practically useless in incursion unless that one stray one somehow doesn’t get destroyed by a team and destroy the shield in five seconds.

NOVA says to escort them, no one does that. That really bugs me and I tend to protect the minions whenever I can.

I also think that the wining team should get an increase in minion spawn rate, meaning their minions spawn in SLOWER then the losing team, the constant waves of minions forces the losing team to destroy them all the time and after each wave is cleared, they get about five seconds to deal with the enamy battleborns before another wave shows up, causing trench warfare and little movement. That’s just my idea and think it could work. (Subject to Change)

Not sure what teams you’ve been playing against but they’re far from useless and most good teams will time the waves with fat bots and thralls. Sometimes strategically letting a wave distract an opposing team at their sentry while you gather said thralls to make the next wave stronger.
Any good teams out there are going to protect the minions. Sure early waves are usually fodder, but as time goes by they become a more serious threat.

The only reason why this won’t work is because there’s already mechanics in place to balance the game. If you destroy the other team’s sentry your respawn is increased. The higher your level, the higher the respawn. While not perfect, it does give the losing team the edge and a small chance to come back.

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They tried something like that long time ago, it had a snowball effect. Thats why ppl still quit/surrender after the first sentry get destroyed. They have ptsd.

And i do protect and heal my minions… If your team do not escort minioms the odds to lose are big.

There is not rly a lot of reward to escort minions the first few minutes, you need a full wave and like 3-5 seconds to destry the sentry shield while after 10 mins 1 single minion can destroy the sentey shield in 1-2 sec.

If players couldnt dmg the shield we would have death time btw waves, at best what players could do would be dmg the shield to prevent regen, but what for? If the enemy can focuse the wave before it reach the sentey again.

It would make incursion slow and boring with just 1 key element, we have 2-3 ways to always dmg the sentry for a good reason.

This may have been true a few months ago, but if it was true now that the minions are useless, then…

…this should not be a problem.

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Minions useless in incursion? Clearly we are not playing the same game.

Do you know how much damage those mini minions do when they go into their White-Beam-Of-Death mode? Hopefully they never glitch out and accidentally attack you with it or else you will see in fact how “weak” minions are when they attack a sentry.