Changeable weapon parts?

Hia I know about 99% of you disagree with this idea because I know the weapons in bl3 have universal differences between each gun but I think it would be pretty cool if we were able to change weapon parts,For example I love the Gatlin’Coolheaded Repeater but I hate the scope it comes with and I know “Go grind for one that doesn’t have one than” and I have an still am currently grinding for one but hey just give it a thought eh.

The Devs have consistently shown their distain for this idea with how much they “balance” the weapons. Allowing players to create custom weapons with custom parts would completely and utterly decimate any sort of balance.

Honestly, I don’t think I’d care too much if they allowed custom weapon part swapping. If they gave up on that type of balance then I imagine they might focus more on bug fixes and skill balance which is much more important for a Class based RPG like Borderlands.