Changed my Mind on the Guardian Takedown....but still needs work!

Have changed my mind on on the Guardian Takedown. It is a tough and challenging Raid and the maps are fantastic. A LOT of effort went into it and it shows.

You better have your stuff together with great build and weapons! The game’s most difficult challenge. The Chrystals CAN be done solo…you just need tactics. I’m actually liking this Raid now when I absolutely HATED it at first.

Buuuut… It will obviously remain the game’s least played event because of two things and one of them is NOT DIFFICULTY.

Punishment for missing a jump or mantle is far, FAR too heavy for the time necessary to return to that point. Even Destiny 2 Raids do not punish you for missing a jump or mantling between encounters like this Raid does. It’s far too frustrating especially since the mantling in this game seems so unreliable (at least to me).

The fix is simply a death and refresh at the beginning of the jumping puzzle sequence. A save point RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING of the sequence. Two additional save points added to this Raid do not lesson the difficulty level and relieve just a TON of frustration for a normal joe like me. I personally feel this is the absolute biggest reason players stay away from this Raid.

The 2nd problem is frankly the exclusive rewards. The Maliwan Takedown had a crap ton of the game’s best gear. I can play for the rest of my life and not miss ONE of the small number of exclusive rewards from this Raid. You are left with the feeling “all this effort for…what?” The loot pool should be added to and expanded greatly with TOP GEAR!

Fix those two things and the amount of players and overall use of that Raid would skyrocket.

And for a game that struggles with the amount of “endgame content” that this game does…the fixes would be MOST welcome!


I love the crystal mechanics once I figured them out (at first I didn’t know how to read their progress level, and frankly didn’t know that if one of them ran out of timer that I’d die… just random deaths for a while).

Juggling their timers solo is a wonderful little challenge, and unless I’m really over my head, there’s kind of only one bottleneck.


My major fails are the jumps/mantling…

I lay waste…got the chrystals done to a science, boss fights I understand and usually can get through them just fine.

Maybe I will get the jumping part better after doing it a lot more but I’m a stubborn SOB… I think that there are far too many players that would throw in the towel and never come back.

And that is a shame because it is really good content for the most part.

There are only a couple of platform jumps that are sketchy for me: the ones that move horizontally in front of you. Specifically, while mantling up the side, the platform continues to move past you, so if you catch it anywhere on the downwind half, you’ll fall off an otherwise successful catch. The same goes for ones that move towards/away from you, but I just catch those on the way in instead of out.

There are… two horizontal catches? I literally just got done playing, and I don’t even remember. :laughing:

I’ve warmed up to it more in recent weeks.

The platform jumps still make me grit my teeth, despite the fact I have not missed a jump yet (by saying this, I’ve guaranteed myself a missed jump in my next playthrough :clown_face: ) If I die there… well… I’ve gotten to the point where I can plow through the critter mobs fairly efficiently and the crystal parts I’ve got down (and I enjoy them, they’re a nice tense stand your ground against the hordes type of thing). Just some more time investment (and hoping I don’t miss a jump again…)

The one thing that I think needs changing… yep the boss loot rewards. There needs to be more, definitely. (Wotan and the Valkyries are far more generous, I usually get multiple doubles or triples of their dedicated drops.) It’d be cool if they plopped in some extra lootsplosions in spots in the boss arenas: in addition to Anathema’s, have another rain of loot come down on the central platform where you can’t miss it on your way to the exit portal. In Scourge’s arena have 4 or 5 lootsplosions erupting from the ground in spots around the arena, kinda like how it is with Son of Crawmerax in BL2.

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It’s incredible how basic some of the mistakes Gearbox makes are. When the GTD launched, the enemies were even spongier than now, and some of the exclusive guns were even weaker than they are now. How could they think people would be happy with super-hard content with super-mediocre rewards?

And as soon as I heard there was going to be platforming, I knew straight away that people were going to hate it. Even before I knew how that platforming looked, I knew I would like it, and that many others would hate it. And I was right on both counts. :yum:

So many things in this game that seem obvious to everyone but the devs.

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This is the first major issue. It’s ironic how someone can survive hordes of enemies on M10 solo TTD but die and restart over because of missing a simple jump. Is this a shooter looter? Or a mantler jumper game? Yes, the main campaign has jumping and mantling but nowhere you’d feel the punishment for missing a jump.

For some reason I can live up with this because I am used to GB wasting my time refarming my gear and giving me crappy drops.

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One problem with the jumping issue is its inherent difficulty or annoyances is consistent whether you do it in Normal mode, Mayhem 1, 2,… or 10 or in solo true takedown or fake takedown

The only thing that scales down or up are the enemies and loot.

When I first started running the takedown more often the only thing that was trouble were the jumping platforms or getting tossed off during the chrystal platforms after the first boss and the last area before Scourge where you can get bum rushed by the enemies and thrown off,the first thing I tackled was the platform mechanics when I jump to the one at an angle I quickly rotate my camera view to be lined straight with the platform and vault everytime,the second was timing and strategy when dealing with the last chrystal area not to be out of position and when to step off so as not to let them bully you and give them a clean shot at knocking you off same goes for the last mob before Scourge,the two outer chrystal platforms have a corner that has broken rocks and thats the area I like to defend and I think it makes it hard for them to knock you off while you charge the chrystals and the last area there’s a chest and a lage rock that can give some cover but I still get bum rushed and thrown off here sometimes but more often than not I make it to the end and as far as the boss fights they are pretty doable once you know there behaviors and your strategy,the only thing I can add is I wish their immunity phases weren’t so long and the rewards had better dedicated drop rates,I really did not like this content for the above stated reasons but I took the attitude of I will do this and not let it defeat me and have started to enjoy it and now have completed it close to 100 times and some of the gear has had really good anointments plus the addition of the M6+ exclusives to the loot pool makes it a little better

worst thing about the takedown… remove that crap and i’ll play it…

it’s a boring and anoying waste of time…