Changelist - Current Preview

-> The current preview build is 2.205 <-

Current Changelist (still open for edits)

  • FIXED - 1 - Hiigaran MS has visual errors.
  • FIXED - 2 - Ship Patching requires edit to existing Joint for additions to occur.
  • ADDED - Ship Patching supports ‘subs’ nodes for structured HPs.
  • FIXED - 3 - Turanic Carrier Engine missing icon.
  • ADDED - traceHODs covers more HOD load types, all except Backgrounds.
  • IN PROGRESS - 4 - Various balance adjustments. (updated 7/05)

If you have an issue to report or changes to suggest, create a new topic in this sub-forum, and invite discussion. If that discussion results in an issue we can assign to a changelist (current or future), it will be assigned a number and updated!

Please keep issue posts ON TOPIC. If you aren’t sure about something, create a new topic, and we can merge/delete as needed.


For details, see these topics:

When talking to Karan S’jet NIS01 video - displayed the wrong icon!

Video - See with 1.08 minutes and up to 1,17

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Is the preview build also good for OSX?

No - the Mac version wouldn’t be updated unless we do a proper patch - and even then I can’t say I know much about what Aspyr have in terms of commitments… I imagine they’d update shortly after we did, but again, I am not an authority on that relationship.

Ok - Thank you for clarifying it