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So, rumor has it that our S&A is getting a little work done on them in the next patch. I want to list some things I would want to see.

  • Hulk Out with your will be combined with Bigger Badder D’jinn and be moving to Helix Augment Level 6 replacing Sneaky and Resilient

  • Alone Time will be increased to 30 Health Regen. per second.

  • Surprise Party will apply its damage buff for 3 seconds after the conclusion of Stealth Strike rather than just buffing the first attack.

  • Fleet Footed will now be active for the total duration of Stealth Strike. This can be a replacement effect for Don’t Stop Running.

  • Sustained Stealth’s bonus will be cut in half to just an extra 3 seconds.

  • Got 'Em will also increase the distance Aurox travels during fetch by 50%.

  • Aurox Hungers Will apply an overshield on Shayne when Tag Team is activated based on the number of targets affected by Tag Team. +50 Overshield per target for the duration of Tag Team.

I’m very hopeful about S&A getting a bit more love. Most of the helix options aren’t very appealing and S&A are pretty unremarkable as characters when compared to others. That’s just my opinion and my hopes for the character.

How would you "Balance" X Character?
(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #2

Hey hey, S and A are awesome characters, as for alone time, it does need a buff and 30 would make ithe actually pretty viable

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #3

S&A are indeed awesome. They aren’t missing much, but are lacking in certain areas.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #4

Surprise party really does need the three seconds bonus damage, like seriously the 1st attack only, as for aurox hungers; I wo7ld change this to be where aurox will move towards characters with shield and steal it and add to yours (ALL stolen shield) however the loss is you lose your shield while active and aurox loses some aoe, and yes melts shields, when you have the shield you only lose the bonus when all your shield is taken out


These are good suggestions man. Granted, they don’t ALL need to happen together. I like the idea to make alone time stronger however I’m not a fan of giving her that AND the improved shield functionality. Gotta have one or the other otherwise you have a shield that never dies and when it does you regen health lol

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Oh the hulk out and bigger badder djinn should not be combined, Egypt the fleet footed change with stealth strike is to much, it is fine how it is, sustained stealtg I don’t know

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #7

Think Ghalt’s Barrier or Phoebe’s Shield Stabilizers; both those skills give 240 shield + 105 shield regen per second, in one helix. IF you’re going to have both Hulk Out and Bigger Badder as helix options, might as well combine them. If it’s too much to combine them for S&A, then remove Hulk Out since by itself it’s a very, VERY, underwhelming helix choice.

Usually Immortal Aegis is enough of a shield recharge buff that makes Hulk Out pretty “meh”. If your shield is recharging it means you’re not taking damage which means most of the time you can afford to wait an extra 1-3 seconds for your shield to be at max.

Idk, I personally would never choose the shield regen option if it’s the only perk it offered.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #8

I do with so much shield it feels forever waiting for full charge, and feels balanced with the other choices

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #9

You pick Hulk out over Boomerang Bounce or Power of Two? Insanity!!!

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #10

Oh shoot I forgot about my go to power of two, but still it is actually balanced helix

(The Handsome One) #11

To be fair, they do have over 800 shields plus an overshied on top of that. Besides, Power of Two is too hard to pass up.

(Pepitolopezcaste) #12

I do not know how to classify this character. According to the game is a kind of defender but in turn has too much attack speed, attack, much resistance, speed of movement and race. About their abilities are very annoying (stun, invisibility) considering all of the above. And if we mention now the equipment depending on how experienced the player is extremely lethal and without having to sacrifice attack (just to say) or some other quality. I forgot to comment that all this is by itself (1Vs1) in team pffff … without comments that can be deduced. Another annoying aspect are the users who say that this game is well balanced and okay I will not blame them (everyone defends their favorite character, even me) because in the end the fault has the programmers to approve some absurd opinions.

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