Changes I'd make to the story

First off I’m going to tackle the elephant in the room; Ava. I’m going to give two scenarios where she could have been better.

  1. Instead of us dragging her on the ship as we did, Maya should have left on her on Athenas. In this way we could have opened the vault and Maya could have fought Troy and Tyreen herself while we were looting the vault only to come out right as she was dying. This would have made her death more meaningful to fans where she died putting up a fight and made the threat of Troy and Tyreen more severe. They defeated not only 1 but two 2 sirens in head on combat. Afterwards we go back to Athenas and retrieve Ava and tell her how Maya died. This would make her hate towards Lilith more legitimate and her need to be in the story as the next Siren more crucial as we try to discover why Maya thought she would be a new Siren and Tannis could try to be the one to try and figure it out. When we go to fight the Calypsos, Ava would insist on going down to avenge Maya and having not been there for Maya’s death make more sense why she would ignore Lilith and assault the COV base or Lilith would send her down because they need all boots on the ground.

  2. Dont even have Ava at all until later DLC, she’s mostly a fluff character and not important to any of the end game storyline. Lilith stops the vault key from opening, not Ava, her getting her powers back means NOTHING at all to the storyline given. The game could play out exactly the same way without her, minus the door she puts “one of tina’s bomb’s on to open” we could have just as easily grabbed the bomb from tina and done that ourselves. This opens a whole new world to where maybe Troy didnt kill Maya but instead just stole her powers like Tyreen did to Lilith. If Maya still died then there could be DLC where Maya left echo logs about an apprentice and we discover her that way and we find out she got Maya’s powers. The current way it’s done is just bad and had no overall meaning to the story.

  3. With Ava done lets talks Troy and Tyreen. We have built up in our heads that Tyreen will be the last boss, and she is which is completely a non-shocker and very stale. However Troy was a pawn who became pretty much more powerful then his sister. We have a solo encounter and alot of build up in Eden 6 which seems like the two would fight eachother at some point. Instead of fighting troy we could fight Tyreen. She could have given him a huge chunk of her power so he could pull the moon, then when we defeat Tyreen he could have Phaselocked us and Stole both the Firehawk power and the Leech power making him a triple threat. Last fight could have been “Troy Calypso, Parasite of the Sirens” and he could have used all 3 powers to fight us then when we defeated him he could merge with the destroyer as a last ditch effort. This would have made all the bickering between Tyreen and Troy have more meaning other then just butthurt feelings from Tyreen learning her brother could leech any siren not just tyreen.

  4. Were always led to believe Siren powers are a birthright. Tannis defies all this logic built up over several games. Like “why her” it’s just plot convenience at this point. It’s pretty much like spiderman dies and a random kid from Chicago gets Spiderman’s powers all the way from New York without being bitten by a spider. It makes no sense. They needed to elaborate more on how she got Siren powers, if it’s not a birthright and can be passed on as were pretty much expected to believe now cause of BL3. The Dahl Mine didnt explain anything as why Tannis became a Siren and just how she learned to use the powers. They could have done this better. Such as maybe Tannis went into Angel’s old holding cell to study the Hyperion Satellite network, and Tannis happened to touch/connect with something Angel left a last piece of herself with. I get it Angel could control machines Tannis likes machines but it would make more sense if before Angels death she left a fragment of herself in a machine Angel was studying and thats how Tannis became a Siren, kinda how AI Jack infected Reese in Tales from the borderlands.

The BL3 main story has such terrible flow and origin for new characters it’s shockingly bad and the over consensus seems to say the same from most fans. A lot of people who say Ava is fine, really cant back up any reason as to why besides “well maya said so” in that case why remove Maya? They played Ava out completely wrong and completely butchered all known logic towards Sirens. The lore says there can only be 6 sirens in the universe, not that 6 sirens are needed in the universe at all times. Not to mention if Siren powers just pass on, what about Tyreen’s? Did the leech powers just vanish or is there a new leech somewhere in the universe accidentally killing everything they touch now? What about Commandant Steele from the first game? She was apparently a Siren from her tattoos and we never even saw what her powers were? Where did her powers go now? This new form of transferring Siren powers is bad to overall story and now needs whole lot more explaining.