Changes needed to the surrender mechanic

I thought there was a recent thread about this but I think it was deleted as I can’t find it.


I’ve never had an issue with the surrender mechanic as is. People feel they need to call for a surrender for different reasons and I totally respect that. In that last week or so, however, I’ve seen a HUGE uptick in the amount surrenders that are called and those that are accepted. There are two main changes I would like to see implemented.

1.) Each person on the team should only be able to call for a surrender once per match. There is nothing more annoying than one person on the team calling for a surrender over and over again. If you don’t want to play that much, just exit the match or something.

2.) Now…I can’t believe I have to suggest this change but here I go…If your team is in the lead, you SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CALL FOR A SURRENDER. Three or four time in the last two days I’ve had people on my team call for a surrender when our team had a.) been in the lead the entire match and b.) was still in the lead when the surrender was called. And at least one of those times it was accepted. Huh? Why is that even an option. For instance, in meltdown if our team has 200 point and the other team has 130…why is my team calling for a surrender. Am I missing something?

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