Changes that I think are needed in the near future

PvP queuing should have an “any mode” option for those who want to get into a game fast and don`t care which mode they are playing. Maybe make mode selection into voting instead.

PvP lobbies should gather 10 ppl and then redistribute them into 2 teams trying to get near equal average player levels. I know player level doesn’t equal skill, but still. Tired of getting 4 sub lvl 10s as teammates vs 5 lvl 100 enemies. Would probably fix a lot of afkers and leavers who make 4 out of 10 of my PvP games into a 4v5. The other day I had a 2v5.
I can`t imagine the 5 lvl 100s are having fun either.

Character specific legendaries should be max rolls. a 1-2% difference shouldn’t matter indeed but it just bothers me way too much.

Detailed descriptions. So many legendaries with unclear stacking effects. How long do they last? Let me make an informed decision about my gear please. Vow of Vengeance, Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr, etc.

Please tone back ridiculous lore challenges like Boldur’s and Benedict’s. How am i supposed to do them without a premade? 2 more eldrid 2 times for Boldur, 2 more peacekeepers 2 times for Benny should be on par with similar lore challenges.

Sentinel map’s golems are a nightmare with Benny’s rockets. You have to land the rockets in the middle of their chest to take dmg. While ur dodging them and they are moving about and turning and whatnot. Not cool in solo. Especially after I just owned them with Kleese’s auto-lock taser the previous run. I don`t care how armored they are, they are not “immune” to friggin rockets. Reduced dmg? Sure, but not immune. Please.

I didn`t even dare to try yet but I imagine Rendain’s knockback in advanced hardcore is also not fun to try to solo.

*Edit: Forgot to mention Reyna not being able to shield herself in PvP the way she can in solo PvE doesn’t help her popularity. Either let her self-target, or at least let her put it on the nearest ally (if there’s one in range) without targeting said ally, cos I’ve been dying several times because my teammates juke me while trying to juke the enemy. Annoying as hell, I’ve been dying left and right with her cos I failed to shield my allies for several times in a row. I understand I’m new to her and it may just be a lack of skill, but

Having a ton of fun barring these issues, props for the humor and the voice acting in particular.

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Honestly, that 1-2% usually ends up getting the character legendary not picked.

Also a lot of them don’t have impactful abilities. Especially now that your paying 750 shards for abilities only and no longer GG stat rolls.