Changes that would "fix" bl3 imo. gimme opinions/thoughts

Annointments : remove them or change them to be insignificant like luneshines in the presequel. anointments ruin build diversity but it sometimes makes certain builds stronger but it also makes the unique builds weaker becaues of the mayhem scaling that exists. ex urad setup radiation flak.

Mayhem Modifiers : remove them, no one wants them in the game, its not fun, its annoying. annoying does not equal hard.

Unique Loot : make most of the guns viable to a degree. i understand that there needs to be meta weapons but i feel like 70% of the unique loot in bl3 is just overlooked because of how strong another weapon is.

Classmods : dont make bad class mods =). zane is a prime example of terrible class mods, the only way to get to mayhem 10 and successfully do damage comparable to the other vault hunters is using seeing dead, if they just changed abilities that would go with bad class mods or buffed the abilities of bad parts of the class mod then there could be more build diversity.

Mayhem System : now im unsure if this would help with the game much but i think being able to skip mayhem levels is a bit absurd when there is gear linked with the mayhem system. going to mayhem 10 after beating the story and farming venders seems broken to me just saying.

Bosses/Raid Bosses : add Raid bosses as them selves, i dont like that you have to go through a mobbing simulator just to take on a “raidboss” at the end of it. also raidbosses at the end of takedowns dont really feel like raidbosses. i like the idea of a builds surrounding the fact that you are taking on a beefy monster with some ads here and their for some kill skills.


That’s extremely hard, and I don’t think it’s gonna happen…right now the game is built around anointments. Removing them means you have to rebalance the game as a whole, which is kind of a mess now.

I just want the option of turning them off. Not all of them are bad, but I agree, a lot of em just get in the way. And if you play multiplayer, modifiers that work for you end up sucking for those who join, and overall makes it a less enjoyable experience.

Absolutely agree, but game balance is very difficult. I think GBX is working on this already, but it takes time, which is why they’re buffing gear on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

Lol it could all be so simple :joy:

So reintroduce an OP-like, increasing system from BL2? Please no…farming SUCKS right now, and no one likes refarming for all their perfect gear multiple times…leads to burnout, and people leaving the game.

Personally, I like Takedowns before Raid bosses…makes them feel like actual raids. But at this point, I don’t care if they’re by themselves or with a mob, I’m tired of Maliwan & Guardian Takedowns.


I like Takedowns (technically Takedown, haven’t done the Guardian one yet) over just raid bosses, because I never found Borderlands boss fights anywhere near as fun as mobbing.

(That said, the Wottan fight is much more interesting than other bosses in the franchise)

E:I agree that something doesn’t feel right about almost being able to jump straight to M10. I imagine it was envisioned as more of a ladder.

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I don’t think removing anointments is as hard as people make it out to be. The reason why the game is built around anointments is because of how insane the mayhem HP/shields/armor is. All you have to do is lower the hp values of current mayhem enemies. That’s it.

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alright i get that people can have opinions, but mobbing just aint it brudda :joy:

You can’t remove anoints there are to strong and really needed , if you remove them without buffing the weapons … you just can’t play the game , even if i wan’t them to be remove

Mayhem Modifiers : just the option to turning them off , or remove it i don’t care , i don’t like it

Loot should be like this : Boss with 3 dedicated drop should have 33% drop rates each , with 2 should be 50% and remove world drop legendary is to comun

Class mods : a lot should be rework

And remove useless roll on Artefact and Class mod

Anointments: The problem isn’t that anointments exist the problem is the overkill of artificial difficulty that comes from the absurd “just buff their stats” combined with modifiers that are pure player FU’s. This is the first Borderlands game I feel like there is an active effort to underpower the player unless you are playing Mayhem 1-3. Though I will say there are still too many useless/very build specific anointments at least with how Mayhem is currently designed.

Mayhem Modifiers: While I definitely wouldn’t shed any tears over this I think a good middle ground would be the conveniently ignored request: let us CHOOSE OUR OWN MODIFIERS after all we get the pseudo you can via re roll. Another option would be let us mix and modifiers and generic enemy stat buffs to create our own custom mayhem using something like a pts system for an equivalent difficulty and the corresponding rewards to a default (the current approach).

Unique loot: This goes back to the problem above on poor game balancing. In addition I would like to expand on this with fix the bloody dedicated drops! I get not wanting to make it a guarantee but given all the layers upon layers of RNG to get a desired roll the current rates are way too stingy. While world drops are nice, I am not killing Phoenix 350 times for my millionth ASMD.

Classmods: Yeah there is an issue with Class mods. Though I have more problems with getting horrible passives (3 different manufacturer accuracy bonuses really)? Zane could use a second look for sure I think he has some of the coolest concept mods but the worst execution.

Mayhem System: I get it feels cheesy but if the game wasn’t so god darn imbalanced where a low level Mayhem boss can still face tank mayhem 10 weapons then it wouldn’t feel like a must. Also what sort of gate do you propose? If they tried a digistruct peak with all the other issues that would not sit well. As much as I gripe, I still want this game to remain enjoyable or at least be put down with grace.

Bosses/Raid Bosses: Mixed opinion. I wouldn’t mind throwing in 1 or 2 like we had in BL 2 of get here, pay an entry have at them. At the same time even if it is a mini raid idea of takedowns is great. Not the theory’s fault Guardian Takedown turned into an utter steaming pile of bonkers.

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With what…1% of weapons in the game being useful? There is zero point in replaying unless it’s a new character every time. Veteran characters have nothing fun or useful to do.

this is actually the easiest thing gearbox could do to fix the game. EASIEST!

Changing one thing without looking at other parts is a recipe for disaster. They need to look at it holistically.

The issues stem largely from balancing. What works in normal mode doesn’t at M10 and what works at M10 is seriously OP in normal modes. This is gun scaling, anointments, everything.

Their big mistake was making Mayhem scale. It’s created an impossible task for them to balance everything within that. If they removed weapon scaling but just increased difficulty, they’d have a much easier time with everything else. People could then drop in and out of different Mayhem levels as the mood takes them, without having gear that’s either seriously over- or under-powered as a result. Balancing anointments etc would also be much, much easier and they wouldn’t have to worry every time they wanted to eg raise the level cap as it would all be linear.

Now everything is locked in a permanent power creep cycle and as a result barely anything works properly. Removing Mayhem scaling would allow them to tackle everything else with relative ease


I kind of get this thinking: the boss is the main event, so you don’t want to have to faff around for 40 minutes to get there. Makes sense, I guess.

But at the same time, bosses kind of suck. They’re enormous bullet sponges with robotic, predictable behaviour and tedious, extremely repetitive gameplay. I just don’t see why you’d want to strip away the part that’s actually fun and dynamic and somewhat unpredictable (the tough mobs) and focus solely on the enormous bullet sponge instead.

From Chapter 1 of The Joy of Cooking - Gearbox Edition, if I’m not mistaken.

Like it or not GBX has committed hard to anoints and mayhem as the scaling for this game. Much as I might like either to play a lesser role I think it’s fantasy that they will ever go completely.

GBX hasn’t even indicated in any way that they have heard/understand/agree with the communities (or at least the small proportion who are vocal on here) view of these. They took the feedback to initial mayhem and came back with mayhem 2.0 (be careful what you wish for) and since then aside from some half hearted ‘balancing’ absolutely nothing has changed. I would be less surprised if they double down on it all rather than rework it. I guess they must think it’s all really popular and fun.

Update: I did not like the Guardian takedown.

A fair amount of work obviously went into it, but, uh, I’m not keen on the end result.

I agree with op. The thing is that in order to make this all happen they would have to revamp that game into a new one, or a new game mode… Which is coming, and I suspect it has to do with all these messups.

So, and here comes the ugly part, in order to play the game the way it was supposed to be (and not this evermutating mess we had until now), you have to buy a second season pass.

Remember this, we’ll talk later on


id say just buff weapons and make weapon parts more important (like bl2) and then remove annointments and if there too weak then just lower the hp/shield/armor values of the mayhem system.

id say if the player completes one of the takedowns or maybe both then they can move up a mayhem level. idk not something too annoying to go through but just some sort of stop for players that go to mayhem 10 instantly.

melt it down, delete all the data.

Call anthony burch and offer him whatever you have to

go back and play BL2 to see what made it good and fix what was broken