Changes to alani i woukd like to see

Hey all and alani fan this is a thread of changes i would like for alani to rebalance her and fix her issues, currently i do play her alot and she have issues i would like to adress and fix even fix some helix designs on her but here goes


Rank 1
Soothing mist
Riptide gives health per second and also gives a lingering effect to those who leaves its area

Splash zone swapped with refresher
(Reason listed at the end of the helix changes)

Tier 3
Kinetic diffusion
Torrents that hit allies heals them for 50 and generate osmosis stacks slowly

Tier 4
Ride the wave
Riptide turns into a wall block for its duration

Riptide no longer push back but instead stuns enemies for 2 seconds

Tier 5
Karakafruit express
Healing with minimun osmosis stack gives allies 5% healing over 3 sec

Healing with minimum osmosis stack increase movement speed by 15% for 3 sec

Full saturation
Healing with minimum osmosis reduce damage taken by 30% for 3 sec

Tier 6

Refresher moved to tier 1 and spash down to tier 6

Tier 7

Torrent projectiles rebound of walls and generate osmosis stacks faster

Tier 8

Geyser now instantly erupts

Pressure valve
Eruption no longer erupts but instead erupts when an enemy steps on the geyser field but have greatly reduce radius

These helix changes is to mak alani more efficent and to give her 3 ways to play her either osmosis stacks fast for burst healing more often, heal through skills or control

Alani is a healer and a controller with this helix she would be more effective but currently she struggle to heal players efficently because of these reasons

  1. torrent generating osmosis stacks is awful especially due to body blocking characters like montana, isic, shayne and aurox basically any character in ur way which reduce ur effective healing big time also torrent is dodgeable by players in pvp which makes if even more harder to generate osmosis stack to heal

  2. riptide healing is awful as players need to stay in the tide to recieve its healing benefit which majority of players move out of it which reduce alani healing overtime especially in pvp where no one is staying still which reduce riptide healing effectiveness entirely

  3. geyser is a nice skill but is nearly impossible to land as players often dodge it easy also minions can dodge it too due to its delay time, its often used to interupt but other then this is hard to use and situational at best

  4. Emergance this skill is nice but i would like it that it would heal or slow targets as soon as u use it currently it takes to long to erupt to apply its effects or damage but what i like about this skill is u can attach it to players or allies but what let it down is that effects only happen when the dragon erupts which is its downside

  5. Wellspring trying to heal urself is nearly impossible if npc robots or allies are by u which always heals then first even at full hp, in order for alani to heal her self u need to look down or up or be near next to nothing to heal urself but if someone is standing near u it still heals them

Other then this alani is a mess her damage is too high due to wave shock, and her healing is low due to problems i already listed , but alani have a nice concept and how she works but character blocking, no enemies to hit , dodging her torrent, running out of riptide all cripple alani healing severly which needs to be address

This topic is for both pvp and pve

A stun…on riptide. Instant geysers. You can’t be serious.

I love Alani to bits, but Alani needs a major damage nerf, not a control buff. Damage reduction on minimum osmosis…I don’t even know how to respond to that.

I have previously suggested a rank 3 mutation that removes the ability to gain Osmosis from Torrent but gives passive Osmosis gain over time. This would make Alani more effective as a back-line support character for those that would prefer such an option without the need to completely reinvent every other aspect of how Osmosis works.


Stun on riptide then combo it in with the instant eruption idea… That would make her a murder machine

You just buffed her into arguably the most broken character in the game, including all beta phases. By giving her a stun, followed by a knock up and damage increase,
her 3 skills together have the potential to get a pentakill, or wipe out an enemy team into oblivion with the help of another battleborn, congratulations.

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I really don’t see a problem with the way Alani is built, helix wise, at the moment.

Her wellspring could use a tweak, especially with her health nerf. Wellspring should not be able to self heal for 50% of the heal power. It should be 50% of Alani’s health at max osmosis. Requiring healing received mods for self heal to become so strong.

Damage can take a little bit of a hit. 90+ seems a bit high.

Let me get this straight…

You think that your main, one of the wealthiest, most powerful characters in the game, is secretly a vigilante who spends her nights beating criminals to a pulp with her bare hands; and your plan, is to BUFF this person?

Good luck :wink:

Most of these are way too strong, especially giving her a second stun. I do think something needs to be done about how garbage Channeling at level 6 is. I think the Splash Zone/Refresher swap might actually help, although Refresher might be too good for level 1.