Changes to Ambra that weren't noted in the update?

After talking to a few people, I’ve heard that her Staff of Radiance range feels lower than it was before. After some time with her at first it didn’t feel any different but after a few more games it started to feel a little short to initiate it. Not sure if anyone else has had an issue or noticed the change here.

The second change is to their wording of Stellar Ritual. It used to read "Ambra’s Staff of Radiance can be used to fuel a Sunspot, strengthening and replenishing it’s health. +150 Sunspot efficiency. +100 Sunspot healing per second.

It now currently reads the same thing, just without the stats at the end.

So we’re wondering if they changed it to where it doesn’t boost the healing per second, it pretty much makes it a big nerf that wasn’t mentioned. Has anyone noticed this being any different or no? Can anyone at GB confirm any of this for us?

Thanks in advance!

The staff range definitely feels like it was lowered. Initial lock on range is much shorter. Guess Ambra wasn’t nerfed enough already.

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I feel like it was lowered too, what a great way to make a character that was rarely played even less played. And now with needing to get kills against her for Alani it’s going to take for ever sighs.

I’d really hoped they would give at least some of the range back after the other changes they made. I don’t particularly like using her now because of just how close you have to get to initiate the beam.

Her Scorching Strikes feel somewhat lackluster now. Even though the extreme damage you could get off for a critical hit wasn’t intended.

Yes her range is shorter now -__-

And if i’m right before her legendary was 7% for both Heal Power and Skill DMG… but now it’s 6% for both

Don’t understand why nerfing Ambra when Alani (an other healer) have more heal, more dmg, more cc and more tankiness/sustain

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I haven’t looked at the description for the sunspot helix but it kind of sounds like they “fixed” the incorrect tooltip. Now it sounds like it simply heals sunspots and nothing else, which is all it did anyway. Pretty bad helix compared to heal beam in my opinion but… Ambra is in a sad state right now in my eyes regardless.

Her range is almost nonexistent now. You basically have to be in scorching strike range to use the beam, which doesn’t make any sense.

I also feel like the “Radiant Spear” talent does less damage, though that could be a side effect of reducing the damage of the base-strike?

That second part isn’t really a nerf, b/c it didn’t work to begin with.