Changes to dominance hive mind and spirit?

I heard there were changes to these skills that wernt in notes? Anyone know what these changes were?

  • Dominance: hitting a crit while aiming down sights triggers it. Enemies will now prioritize attacking the dominated enemy. After Dominance ends, the enemy releases a rad nova.

  • Hive Mind: The pet gains Bonus Pet Damage when FL4K is hit (This occupies a new slot in the formula, so its a very good dps buff)

  • Shared Spirit: The 50% damage shared with the pet will heal the pet instead of damaging it. Meaning that when FL4K gets hit at low health it will convert 50% of the damage to the pet as healing.

The changes to these 3 skills in the Master tree were good changes, as far as I can tell from my testing. I changed my GB Urad/Deathless build to remove 2 points from WRW and PHOAS and add those 2 points in Hive Mind. Pet healing no longer needed through WRW because of Shared Spirit, and the pet damage boost from Hive Mind is almost always on.

Overall I would say these are solid changes, but nothing earth-shattering. I have not tested the re-worked Dominance yet, but I would think that if you paired Dominance with a non-Red Fang build, that might be worth trying now? The problem is that you have to put way too many points into the Master tree for it to be effective as a “meta” build. At least IMO.

I wonder if tamer mod has same effect as dominate now

You mean the Tr4iner from DLC2? For what I could tell (When it actually triggered) the enemy aggro did transfer to that COM, but they don’t trigger a nova on death. It still isn’t worth using. The 25% to trigger ON KILL cripples its usability and pets keep targeting the enemies they dominate.

Yeah, the new Dominance is way better than you can possibly imagine. It can cause slight problems if you’re using Rakk Attack builds because Rakks can’t hit Dominated enemies, but aside from that the aggro relief is a lifesaver.

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