Changes to Gear

Ahead lies info about gear. You have been warned.

-Gear Stats-
Some secondary stats on gear seem pretty high when compared to others:
A secondary stat of healing received, max health, max shield, move speed, or recoil is about 70% strength of what the stat would be if it were a primary stat.

Conversely these are low:
Damage reduction, heal power, cc duration, shield pen are only 50% strength.

For reference, the rest of the stats sit around 60% strength.

-Inconsistencies with Gear Stats-
Lorrian Purse Cutter: Its secondary stat (-cc duration) doesn’t match the epic rogue equivalent’s secondary (-cooldown) stat.

Intermittent Angel: Its secondary stat (+shield recharge) doesn’t match the epic upr equivalent’s secondary (+shield pen) stat.

Leechsteel Brooch: Its secondary stat (+skill damage) doesn’t match the epic jennerit equivalent’s secondary (+attack damage) stat.

Flawed Easy Money and Kamikaze white/green vs blue/purple: The flawed stat for white/green variants of these items is -heal power and for blue/purple variants it’s -healing received.

Dicey flaw: All other flaws use the max roll primary stat for the flaw stat but this uses the max roll secondary stat (should be 280 not 210).

Symbiosis Rune green vs purple: The green variant’s secondary stat is +health regen, while the purple variant’s is +max health.

-Some Bugs with Legendary Gear-
Shield Web Interdictor: The effect works against the equipped player as well.

Stable Executioner: The text was changed to give a clearer understanding but the previous text was more clear. The gear actually does crit (as it said previously) and doesn’t just add 50% damage. Which means it does 3x on non-heroes and doesn’t work against shields. Also, it works with skill damage too and not just normal attacks (even though it was supposedly changed).

Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag: The effect not only stacks health on that ally but also on you if you are also at full health.

Emergency Auto-Medic: The effect does not give the full +7 health regen, it only gives +5.

Lorrian Skill Spike: The effect doesn’t seem to be working at all.

-And Now For Some Quick Thoughts On Gear-
Boots of the Brute: Nerfed from every 3 sec to every 8 sec because it was too strong. Why not every 5 sec and reduce the slow to 1.5 sec.

Chrono Key: Nerfed from every 500 damage dealt to 2000. Keep the 2000 but increase the cooldown reduction above 1 second. Or it could be reworked to benefit healers by changing from “damage dealt” to “healing given.”

Blissbeast Skull Plate: Maybe keep the mechanic but instead of +health regen use +damage reduction or +max health (to act as a temporary barrier).

Hostile_Takeover.exe vs De-Turtler: They have the same legendary effect so maybe one can be reworked (like the reload gear that used to mimic recoil gear).

More could be said about legendary gear and gear in general for balancing, but I’ll keep it short. Feel free to add anything you’ve found, and share your thoughts on gear.


On one Hand I find it nice that the Veil Manipulator now steadily increases Heakth Regeneration, tgats really good that it now works like this. However, WHY they settled for 6.3 Health/s is beyond me. Could have given that 0.7 more for the general Healing of 7 health/s… it’s not gamebreaking so why go for this amount? (Sidenote: I really like even Numbers now the gear is the odd one out)

As for Blissbeat Skullplate, the new effect simply is STUPID. Even if you take a character with little Health, lets say 800 max life… you need to take 25% health damage to get 70 Life points as a bonus over TEN SECONDS… this amount of hp is never gonna safe anyone if he loses 25% of his life fast enough to trigger it. It needs Either to last a long Time or be more of a burst heal. Like for 10 seconds 50 Health per second. A high dps enemy will kill you anyway so it really would only safe you a little time before you die.

The LLC is Specific gear is kinda dumb. Instead of making you play as an LLC that needs to KILL LLC, it would have been a good idea to make it Shard based. Up to ten Stacks till you Reach one thousand, bam, good gear. And while the others are still usable in PvE… it gets the short end of the stick.

Still wonder about Jennerit Legendary. “Non-Jennerit Enemies”… does this mean only versus “Non-Jennerit” Battleborn? If it is useable against NPCs, does this mean Vs Thralls no Bonus? I mean, isn’t it enough to say ONLY JENNERIT CAN USE IT. Seriously… labeling is a bad thing. Thralll are kind of Jennerit, but then again Raths says Literally “Your no Jennerit.”

So if it doesn’t work with Aria/Rendain, fine clearly Jennerit, but the Thralls? It would only matter if it isn’t meant as “Non-Jennerit-Battleborn” are a source of life steal, and nothing else.

Other than that, wasn’t aware of the Glitches of legendaries. But since I do little to no PvP things Like the shield web Glitch wouldn’t affect me.

One thing I notice, is that you list varying secondary stats as an ‘inconsistency’. But since these only occur on legendary Items, I always thought this would contribute to their ‘legendary’ status.

This is actually something I didn’t notice before. Then again, I never really use Shield Recharge Delay gear.
The same is true for shard gens.

Yes! It’s refreshing to see a legendary actually get buffed. I’m also not sure about the 6.3 though.[quote=“hanautaBOB, post:2, topic:1549009”]
I do little to no PvP things Like the shield web Glitch wouldn’t affect me

Now obviously I don’t expect anyone to use this in pve, but actually the effect doesn’t just apply when damaging enemy Battleborn. So anytime you deal skill damage to an enemy, your shield will not be able to recharge for 8 seconds. This persists in pve. Sorry if that was unclear.

For the specific legendary items I listed, it is an inconsistency only because there was a patch on July 21 that changed all of the original (84?) legendaries (except lore legendaries) to have their secondary stats mimic those of their epic counterparts. For example, the Symbiotic Gauntlet was changed from a secondary stat of +move speed to +max health so that it would match the eldrid epic attack damage gear’s secondary stat. For what it’s worth, I also liked having varying stats on legendaries because it added to their status. Now it seems only lore legendaries and DLC gear will be like this.

Thanks for this, Legendary gear is something that I’ve been very critical about from back in the Beta days. It’s very disheartening to learn that some gear aren’t working as intended considering how much of a hassle it is to obtain and to use IG. Luckily I have not used the faulty ones in PvP or PvE.

I hope they take a nice step back and overhaul all of them een the lore ones, and give use useful and useable Legendary gear. They’ve mentioned intent on messing around with Character Gear, let’s hope they don’t stop there.

I hate the change to Blissbeast as well.
I don’t like the idea of Veil Manipulator in PvP. Holding onto 1,000 shards for that health regen is counter productive to the objective. those 1,000 shards could and should be used for turrets/bots/headhunters etc etc.
Also I have a bunch of issues with the new Faction legendary gears, especially the LLC piece of gear, but I don’t feel like getting into it here. :smiley:

They could have at least given it a better Shield cap or something.
What the hell are you gonna do if the enemy team doesn’t have anyone in the LLC?
double ugh
I’m getting angry again just thinking about it

They are. There’s a huge rework coming. Jythri even mentioned changing costs
This is kinda amazing. Thank you. Good to know about a lot of these things. @gRANT_, @Jythri, idk which of you needs to know these things, and although a few/a lot/all are probably on you list, you should see these

Indeed this piece of gear is interesting in PvP. Shard generators are really great for early game, which is why the free ones are most popular. That being said, I can see it being used for incursion where there is really no need/chance to leave lane and buy buildables. Also, I’m glad they fixed it so that you don’t actually need the full 1000 to gain the regen. It scales as you gain shards, which means you can still purchase buildables and as an added bonus you get a little regen so you don’t have to port back.

I thought I had heard something about this (coming in the next big patch?), but I didn’t know for sure. This is great news! I’m hoping the rework will help grow the game and keep it interesting.

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