Changes to race.lua not have any effect

Hi guys, im a 3d moddeler,

been mucking about trying to get some new ships into the gme, so far its going pretty well, my main issue at the moment is trying to add a new race for my team, rather than just hijacking the hng’s ships abd build tree, However, None of the changes im making to the races.lua are having any effect at all

--HW2 races
{"Invalid",  "Invalid", "", "", 0, NotPlayable, 1, "" },
{"HiigaranImperialis", "HiigaranImperialis", "hyperspace_gate", "etg/special/SPECIAL_ABILITIES_HYPERSPACE_IN", 9.5, Playable, 1, "HGN_"},
{"Vaygr",    "$1101", "hyperspace_gate_vgr", "etg/special/SPECIAL_ABILITIES_HYPERSPACE_IN", 9.5, Playable, 1, "VGR_"},
{"Keeper",  "$1102", "hyperspace_gate_kpr", "etg/special/SPECIAL_ABILITIES_HYPERSPACE_IN", 12.5, Playable, 1, "KPR_"},
{"Bentusi",  "$1103", "hyperspace_gate_bentusi", "etg/special/SPECIAL_ABILITIES_HYPERSPACE_IN", 18.5, Playable, 1, "BEN_"},
{"HiigaranImperium", "$1100", "hyperspace_gate", "etg/special/SPECIAL_ABILITIES_HYPERSPACE_IN", 9.5, Playable, 1, "HGN_"},
{"Imperium", "Imperium", "hyperspace_gate_kpr", "etg/special/SPECIAL_ABILITIES_HYPERSPACE_IN", 3.5, Playable, 1, "BFGImp_"},

everything else in the file hasnt been changed, i added a renamed copy of the hgn research and build trees to a fold made for the new race, but still no joy, any help would be much appreciated.


Races have been broken up into multiple files in the data\scripts\races of the dataUpdates bigs. There’s a few threads around here about setting up races under the new setup.

That is Before the new patch that made races exist in the scripts/races/Taiidan folder for example. You also need a file that tells you what prefix the race is, like TAI_ is for the Taiidan.

ah i tried adding stuff to those aswell but it didnt seem to make any odds, ill have another bash at it now, if you guys have any idea where those threads are a link would be appreicated, spent hours searching and havent found anything on it

Scratch that last, musta missed one of the things i just changed last go around, its showing up now, much obliged guys :slight_smile:

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:+1: :wink:

this may be another instace of me being simularly thick, but i cant for the life of me get the new races ships to show up in the build menu, from what i understand once added to the def_build.lua and the family things are set up in the families.lua they should be showing up correct?

The most common issue is you have to make sure the new item has a unique BuildPriority value, not one used by anything else.

just for clarification, i thought by what i read it could be the same as long as the item its shared with is for another race?(different family)

i think at least a few of em should be unique, 61 62 63 and 119 arent used by anything as far as i could tell

i copied the hgn files and then replace all instances of hgn with the new pretext for my custom race

This doesn’t work for me at the monent.I added 1 ship to the end of the Taiidan capital build menu with its own unique priority number but in the game it simply does not appear.