Changes to the Legendaries Opinion

So there will be a patch tomorrow that will further change how some of the legendaries will work. What are your opinions on this? Do you think this will really hurt how well they do in Story Mode?

…As an active Fan I would like one clear answer from Gearbox:

Why is all of the loot geared for PvP when there is an active community of us, the PvE Advanced players.


Well not really, infact some i think may be better.

Like with the Codex Fragment “Changed the secondary stat from Recoil Reduction to Maximum Health”

Or with the Emergency Auto-Medic “Changed the secondary stat from CC Duration Reduction to Damage Reduction”

I feel like thats better, some of the gear is looking better some is looking worse, some seems like the change wont be noticed.

And in regards to Mag Deamon changes, and i think that is due to all legendarys with effects like that getting an increase from 7% chance to like 15%.
(Ex: “Increased the Legendary effect trigger chance from 5-9% to 15-20%”)
So i think it was a balance change to whats going to happen soon, not that they were OP at the time, atleast from what i noticed.

I think most are better, i think some of the corrections are good, and Personally I feel like it’ll help story.

I think this patch as a whole is good, im disappointed i wont have slowing on vyns quiver anymore, but hey thats the price yah pay, and im also happy the gear is getting shuffled a bit.

I mostly play pve in all honesty, and i feel like this is all good.

Only thing that gave me notice was benedict getting some buffs, cause he’s already reking in pvp, so i’ll just wait and see how that plays out

I’m pleased with the Legendary changes for the most part. Having Vyn’s Quiver and the Mini-Singularity Launcher and Mag Daemon and Stable Executioner overlap with their unique abilities was kind of silly, IMO, especially because I believe 99% of the playing base prefers reload speed gear over recoil reduction gear.

I never used the Singularity Launcher over the Quiver, and only reason I used Executioner over Mag Daemon was that I didn’t have one.

Now, the recoil gears (by far the less popular) get to keep the classic strong abilities, and we get new fun ones for the reloaders. I dig it.

Other than that, it’s mostly just cleaning up, buffing some Legendaries or nerfing others that had been grayed out for a while, but now will be active again.

I have a lot of hope for the Vyn’s quiver change for Benedict, he feels so much better with a reload item, but he is so squishy I die too much if I don’t have a health regen item, and there didn’t seem to be any combinations I could find that did both. So as long as the effect of Vyn’s quiver is noticeable it will be a dedicated slot for my Benedict.

In what way are the new legendary changes geared specifically for PVP? The changes to Vyn’s Quiver just individualized two legendaries, same as Mag Daemon, making it worth more of your time to grind. And they increased many chances by a ton. It seems all good to me.

He has a lot more health now too.

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PvP will always win the fight over PvE when it comes to development resources and budget. That’s just how it is.

This said, I personally think GBX has done a pretty excellent job of keeping at least a fair portion of gear relevant in both modes. The BIG trigger-chance changes coming on Thursday are going to help more with that (40-50% chance to reflect when you’re in bullet hell on Advanced Helio? YES PLOX.)

I’d really like to see Recoil gear get a little more love - specifically, I’d like to see it increase max effective range, since why else do you want to keep shots on target? Still, this patch alone shows (IMO) how hard GBX is working to bring everything into a good place. I’m an Armored Core player, I’m used to iteration. I can wait for them to get it just right.

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No opinion until I actually get to use the gear post-changes.

…I could write a lot about this but lets talk shields, everything shield related is junk in PvE.
Was showing someone yesterday, Phoebe with full shield and a legendary shield mod. . .
On Sabo Advanced the little popcorn varelsi tossing those mud pies at her…
Just one would take her entire shield down plus part of her health. Just one toss from an itty bitty thing.
Same for the normal scaven.

No, I mean very specifically the new legendary changes in the patch, how do those favor PVE?

…Didn’t mean to refer to that. :wink:

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Most of them should have no effect on PvE, but song of Vigor and that wasn’t really necessary.

Yeah, but that’s on Advanced and against Varelsi.

The Skulks (I believe you mean by “popcorn”) have very slow movement, and can be one-hit headshotted. The balance to make them challenging? They hit hard.

Scavens are ALL ABOUT hitting hard and fast. That’s why they’re dangerous. I find Shield bonus equipment works in many circumstances in PvE, though it’s not as valuable as it is in PvP, I will admit.

Shield Penetration gear is all but useless in a few PvE missions, where you only see perhaps a few Thrall Beastmasters as the only shielded enemies. I’ll definitely give you that as gear that’s much more specifically meant for PvP. But I also think one of GBX’s few failings is not varying enemies enough in PvE, it’s something I hope they remedy in the future DLC missions.

[quote=“CharacterIV, post:14, topic:1541400, full:true”]Shield Penetration gear is all but useless in a few PvE missions

Shield Pen is pretty much entirely useless except against a very small number of enemies (Ronin and the basic walkers; can’t remember what they’re called) and only if you stack a lot of it, pretty much to the exclusion of everything else.

The reason for this is pretty simple: because shield penetration doesn’t add damage, only change which bar it affects, unless you have enough shield penetration to kill the target before its shield would otherwise run out, it provides no real benefit (outside of a situation where you allow the target to recharge its shields, which tends to be really rare in PvE, at least in my experience).

Even then, if you stack your loadout to take out said enemies, you’re basically wasting those stats against anything that doesn’t have a whole lot of shield and very little hp, which is all but one boss (Conservator in Experiment) and the two bots I mentioned earlier, so, just based on the numbers game, you’re screwing yourself over, especially since you could be using that itemization on something truly useful, like attack speed, attack damage, or skill damage, all of which will allow you to kill everything faster, not just a tiny minority.

Unless the devs are fine with Shield Pen being a dump stat in PvE (which is entirely legitimate since it’s not like you have to take Shield Pen), they need to rework Shield Pen. I was thinking that they could also make shields more common in PvE in general to increase the value of it, but then I remembered that the main reason shields are annoying as hell in PvE is because you can’t score crits on a target with a shield, so making shields more common would just be annoying as hell (maybe if having any Shield Pen allowed you to score crits against a target with shield, or something like that, but, at that point, it’s not “stack Shield Pen” and is instead “get a single piece of gear with Shield Pen and never take any more”).

My opinion is that they should’ve prioritized making the gray legendaries usable before dicking with any of the other ones.

but like all but 1 of the greyed out legendaries are being brought back…From what I know only the Lorian purse cutter is still gonna be unuseable.

The Voxis Core, Link, and all-4-all array are being reinstated.

That’s actually pretty neat. I just searched for pursecutter and when it didn’t show up I figured they hadn’t gotten to any of them yet. Still, it doesn’t seem that hard to balance, and it’s been quite awhile now. These legendaries aren’t exactly easy to get, and I would think that some people who got them as part of their Digital Deluxe would be sick of having something that they payed extra for be unusable.

im still voting for all gear disabled in pvp…

I can really understand your point, but in the light of how the community reacts to have single gearparts removed for rework, I can´t even imagine the firestorm that would hit if GBX disabled all gear in PvP…
It could even the scores, lead focus on buildables and actual player skill, but I´d bet 99% of all players would be pretty…upset with such a drastic change.

Personally: I like orange gear since BL-times, but I don´t rely on them and in PvP I avoid them, with Orendis & Phoebes lore-legs as exception.