Changes to your Fl4k builds based off 3 new skill points

Let’s get it going! Who is changing up their build with the level cap increase?

I do not anticipate changing my core Hunter/Stalker build with Megavore (still no blue tree at all for me!), but I will be reallocating points to make sure that I grab all 5 points in Rage and Recover. I believe this addition should make the Rakk Hunter/Stalker build much, much more survivable in heavy mobbing (and bossing, for that matter).

Now being able to max out Rage and Recover AND still get Megavore, I might even be able to consider not having to run an Otto Idol as my artifact all the time? We’ll see I guess. Looking forward to testing it out when I get back from vacation this Sunday (LOL, when the Valentine’s event is almost over). An Elemental Projector or Flesh Melter might work.

What are you guys thinking you are going to do to your builds?


tbh i am a bit upset atm
so i maybe i forget about something

but with my gammaburstbuild it should result into more points in skills i already have?
more reloadspeed/ gundmg+ max. hp

Nothing really. This is my spec right now.

I’d just put one more point in Frenzy and put the other 2 in WRW. Nothing major. Prob won’t bother tbh.

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@boombumr Looking at your build. Are you still trying to figure out how to make the pets work? Bless you! :rofl:


Fl4k would have benefited alot from 2 capstones. But right now those 3 points are pretty inconsequential.


Might be a silly question but will classmods offer any difference at level 53 than at 50?

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Slight increase in percentage of bonii, but that’s it. Probably a couple points increase. Same for relics. Luckily, class mods and relics are largely just as effective within a few levels.

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That’s what I figured and thanks.

I think this is a valid question and I haven’t seen it addressed by GBX. I have been wondering the same question about COMs since the announcement today.

Remember in BL2 how purple COMs went to +5/+4/+4 after level 50? And legendary COMs went to +5? And blue COMs went to +6/+5?

I wonder if, in BL3, level 51 leads to more points on COMs, where you could get perhaps 6, 7, or 8 total points on COMs? That DEFINITELY would be a game changer in exchange for those extra 3 levels added to the level cap that otherwise have pretty much no purpose.

I have been waiting for COMs to have more of a gameplay impact - maybe this is where they do it?

EDIT: If we did get more skill points on COMs after the level cap increase, imagine if we could get a Headcase with +3 to both LNT and TFATF? Or a Thrillbot with +3 to both Big Game and TMDG? Both of those COMs would be really, really good, and they might be equal (or possibly be superior) to their legendary counterparts (Deadeye/Bounty Hunter) due to the fact that you don’t have to spec any points into a skill to get the benefit of the COM.

The level cap increase could be accompanied with some COM diversity for Fl4k, which would just be fantastic, because right now, most of the time it doesn’t make that much difference which COM you use. The only real game-changer (IMO) for FL4k - in terms of COMs literally changing the way you play the game - is the Red Fang at this point.

Ironically, if the level cap comes with more skill points on COMs, that could be the single most impactful change implemented by the new level cap bump.


Max pack tactics in gamma yum

Fadeaway i get stalker, hunters eye, two fang maxed already so those three points im at a loss for. Either three in grim harvest or crit reload.

Does grim boost fadeaway shot damage? If not id go three into blue instead for 12% fun damage

I don’t think grim increases the crit bonus so you’re probably better off with second intention if you’re using Fadeaway.
Second intention is such a great skill I feel us under appreciated.

I’m gonna love giving my pet a little more survivability with red/blue rakk pakk builds and now Fadeaway will be pretty easy to spec to with persistence hunter being essentially free. I already have my first Moze build planned out and hopefully the extra 3 levels don’t hurt IB because they really help her point distribution look less scattered.
I’m really most excited about my healing rakk build getting that one extra point in Rage and Recover and being able to max out Grimm Harvest

PS I’ve been dying for an elemental projector Otto idol for my rakks for a similar build as you i guess.

I said the crit reload or grim my dude but yeah its under appreciated

Crit reload = leave no trace?

@megadethwm I think he is talking about Second Intention vs Grim Harvest? Maybe?

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On my hybrid R4kk attack and radiation gamma burst, I would put 1 point in pack tactics and the other 2 in self repairing systems for more survivability.

I guess I can grab pet tactics now for the extra 15% damage to my GB/Magavore build. Honestly though I think I’ll take a break for a while.