Changing Character in Character Selection

I can’t figure out how to change my character to a different one after I’ve made one selection. Anybody know how?

Tried going to the Battleborn tab but had no luck making a change. I’m in Story Mode if that would make a difference.

The 4 icons at the bottom aren’t working?

I tried going to the Battle born tab and pick someone but it just ignored me.

I think I saw someone post that you had to hit (B on XB1) or equivalent to cancel your character selection? When you’re on the character tab you should see the available key options on the bottom of the screen somewhere.

Just tried on the Steam version couldn’t find any key that corresponds with the icon tabs.
A, D, G, TAB and Esc work but that’s it. Seems odd not to tie keys into those.

Xbox1 it’s B, PS4 it’s O and for PC, it’s whatever your back button is. I don’t play on PC so I wouldn’t know, sorry.

apparently youre limited by time. you know how there are two timers before the match starts? you need to reselect before the first timer runs out. keeps people from changing at the last second was the intention, i think. to prevent trolling.

now if we could get a ‘ready’ button so that we could skip the second timer, that’d be great :slight_smile:


If you’re playing on PC I believe it’s your backspace button to change heroes after you’ve chosen one.

Thanks but I must be holding my mouth wrong. Just tried a Private Story mission on a PS4 and it ignored my O too.

Tried every button and nothing works. I think your right about the two timers and I think the problem is private has only one timer. Just guessing of course.

It’s the backspace key that does it on PC. Also, you can only change it during the Select Phase of the character select screen.

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I am pretty sure you can’t change the character you’ve chosen in private PvP, I just tried and can’t, So as GreyWarden says since private has the one timer that may be the problem. I have no idea if you can do it in public PvE since I don’t play that, I stick to private PvE or public PvP.

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It is possible… but NOT in Solo.

It comes down to how it’s programmed… if everyone has selected a character or the timer runs out, you can’t change the chracter any more.

Solo means you pick one character the game jumps to “All Characters ready” phase, since every Player (in this case, the only one playing) has made their choice… and you can’t cancel it anymore.

I think it would be better if you could jump from one Phase to another by Pressing Start/Options/Whatever, also to get out of the “Pick Skin/Taunt/Loadout” Phase quicker if you are done.


when i play pve missions, sometimes i get a phase where nobody can select anything,. its just like ghosting the icons of heroes that people suggest they will pick but even if you mash the pick button it wont actually go through until the next phase. i dont understand it because ive seen this happen sometimes and othertimes not. some games it will go thorugh two whole phases where i cant actually lock in a selection. is this intended?

…I tested this and it is not working in the new menu.

if B doesn’t do it on xbox somethings wrong.

Whoever is working on this, thanks for the really fast response. I appreciate it.

Not sure if someone already said, but you can’t change your character after both teams have picked all 5 characters. That might be what you’re experiencing.

Lol wat? Why isnt t just click to change? I doubt i would not have ever noticed the backspace thing!

I just now tested it again in public and private mode PvP and it worked. Maybe it’s a PvP thing.

In the selection dialog box, in the upper right corner, the second button from the right, there is a backspace icon there that you can click on during the period of time when changing the character is allowed.