Changing difficulty?

So I’ve done both story missions and and i still Don’t have ghalt unlocked, so i was wondering how do you change the story difficulty. Thankyou for any help.

guessing you can’t unlock him that way, since most story missions are not available.

Reaching certain ranks unlocks characters aswell.

I found the game too difficult and failed the mission in the process… Please change the difficulty?

You can only select difficulty in Single player Story as far as i know. Pretty sure Ghalt isnt unlocked that way in the Beta though.

Is there any way to change the difficulty to Advanced or Hardcore for multi-player co-op story missions?

I’d be especially interested in how to do this when signing up with random players, as I don’t currently know anyone else who’s playing (so queueing solo for a group is my only option for multi-player), and would like try the Advanced setting in a group.

edit - on PC