Changing main menu music?

I found the old RAC tool to make an mp3 into an fda, but I’m also seeing music in the main music.big as being in .wav

Either way, I can’t seem to find where the main menu music would be changed

Replace “sound\music\staging\main_menu.fda” (or .wav as you say) with your chosen menu music :smile:

I double checked the paths but it doesnt work

I tried putting both the fda and wav in there, got no change :disappointed_relieved:

Update: I was poking around int he Music.big extracted files and just kept listening to them until I found a match. In this case I found the file is a02_mission2and4.wav in the path sound/music/ambient. I replaced this file in my folders and did get some change… but in this case it was deafening white noise.

Clearly I need to reexport the music in a format that HW likes but this is concerning because it means my main menu song is gonna pop up in a mission somewhere. (In this case missions 2 and 4 presumably :stuck_out_tongue: )

Update 2: In Audacity I just exported the song using 44100 Hz (using the Project Rate at the bottom left) to match the 4110 Kbps bit rate I was seeing on the ones I exported from the .big.

It now works perfectly, and even loops at the correct spot even thought he song is a different duration :stuck_out_tongue:

Still would like to know how to separate it from the mission music though… There doesn’t seem to be a lua for me to change here…

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That’s bizzare… Work for me :confused:

We did that actually, my bad :sweat_smile:

The “FEMusic” is defined in soundconfig.lua in the soundscripts folder