Changing my forum username?

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Kinda wanna edit it to actually be something sensible…
(Sorry. There wasn’t a forum-support category that I could say. Please move me if there’s a more relevant place. ^^)

How does one go about doing such? Because I can’t do it in the preferences screen.

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There’s info in the various threads here IIRC you have to make the change in your SHiFT account? Note that the actual forum username is character-limited. Details should be in the FAQ somewhere (look in the list under the menu icon in the top-right, beside your avatar)


I have just registered here.I have been a member of the Relic forums since 30th Dec 2003 as I am a HW2 modder.I also modded HW1 and HW:C but never released the mods… When I update my username here to my username there I get this message:

[quote]There was a problem updating your profile
This Display Name is already in use[/quote]
yet I can only find a username with maxdamage1??? Where can I please get help in changing it?


Did not where I should post this post.Still finding my way through the forums.Sorry if it is in the wrong thread\section.

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IIRC you may need help from a moderator or one of the GBX community reps. I’ve flagged your post to them, so hopefully someone can help you out.

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Hi @sonofham! If you would be so kind as to PM me the username you’d like to change to, I’ll take care of it for you.

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My username I would like to change here as it is at the Relic forums is maxdamage.By the looks of it I can’t seem to send pm yet.Must be because I just joined the forums here.

Thank you

[edit]@VaultHunter101 Thank you. :slight_smile:

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If you click on the “Flag” icon on Joe’s post, you should see an option to send a private message at the very top of the resulting dialog. You should also see a “Message” button if you click on his avatar to display his “card”.

Edit: And, you’re welcome!

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Got that sorted for you.

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Yay, welcome @maxdamage! :smiley:

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Thanks, PH!

Glad we got that sorted for you and welcome aboard, @Maxdamage!

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Thanks. :slightly_smiling:

I am finally here! :smiley: :dukeaffirmative:


I finally found those options :smiley: A bit unusual compared to the standard forums way of messaging,etc…


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Bit of a necro… But could somebody change my name? :slightly_smiling:

Would love for the username to be “TheWorldSmith”. Thanks.

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I’ll just do that for you.


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Thank you! <3
You’re the greatest.

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No worries.

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no problem, and don’t worry, you can change it.

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Sorry to revive this ancient thread, but i couldnt find any other info regarding changing my username. it defaulted to my Email, and i even changed my SHiFT account to the current one i want to use to no avail. anyone still out there to help with this?

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Yup, pm me with your new choice.

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thx man! you da best!