Changing Pawn model (Adding Ammo Pouches 'n Stuff) RTH30 and EIB

Hey guys, Warrior250 here… just wanna share my experiences in Unreal Ed, Sorry if the tutorial was long but i made it like that to detail it a bit further, and i know some people have already known how to do this but i guess it’s worth the posting for beginners and rookies of Unreal Ed like me. also from what i could gather is that there’s not yet any tutorial for this, so i’ll give it a shot and provide screenshots to aid as we go.

–NOTE– This does not require Unreal Scripting, or modelling so it’s pretty basic… and just requires a few keyboard works and mouse clickin’ :wink: (6/13/2015 - Tutorial now Supports attaching static mesh to a Pawn :smiley: )

First of, i’ll use an existing map for this tutorial, Ambush at Exit 4 to be specific.

You can always skip a step if you know how to do it, i just added it for beginners

1- Add an Pawn, We’ll be using an American Soldier for this one

2- You might notice that when he spawns, he is just a sprite and you can’t see his in-game model. so we’ll change the Pawn’s Drawtype in it’s properties.

Select the pawn and right click it, it will open up a menu and then click on ‘CharacterSpawnerUSA
F4 also works for opening the Character properties as well.

While in the properties find the “Display” Section, and change the drawtype to DT_Mesh which will allow us to see how the NPC looks like in-game.

3-After Changing the Drawtype of the Pawn, it’s sprite will dissappear… dont panic :slight_smile: just go to
Mesh and add the line “k_character_us.us_para_body” without the quotations.

You might notice that the parameter will be replaced with “ExtendedSkeletalMesh ‘K_character_us.us_para_body’” Dont mind it.

4- now, we can see it’s Ingame model :smiley: but that’s not the point of the tutorial, so let’s proceed further.

So typically, the model of the Pawn in the image is the common model of the Pawn you’ll see ingame, let’s change this one and add a few variations. :smile:

Before that, you should find the “model” that fits you best first… reopen the “Editor” Tab or something then click on the textures, and load “T_Character_us.utx
After loading it, you will only see Eisenhower’s Textures however… but click on it and change on to Para_uniform_shaders so we can see the ones that we can use best for our current Pawn.

Now go search in for some model that you’ll like, after you find one… retype it’s name over the Skins tag of the DISPLAY in Character properties.

(In my case i used t_character_us.corrion_base_1, the model that Samuel Corrion uses.)
Note that he Base_# defines the “Dirt” of the model, you can notice the difference of character outfits in later levels (such as No Better Spot to Die which use Base_3.)

4-Everything’s set! Let’s get this show on the road.
Test the game and see how it worked, mine’s like this…

(P.S He’s a member of my fireteam but uses Assault weaponry, if you have played and/or beaten Earned in blood, then you will know who the same character is :smile: )

The Tutorial were made out of Road to hill 30 SDK, but i assume it also works for EiB SDK.
That’s all of it guys, hope this can be a help for people that is onto map modding. Best of luck :smiley:
Don’t Forget to leave some Feedbacks, i may need it… Peace out.



Hey Warrior, awesome tutorial man. If you like I could make you an editor account at my wiki page, so you can add these on there too, with the pictures and such.

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You can add them there if you wish, it’s not a problem for me. :smiley:

No I mean I can give you access to the wiki page so you can put them yourself. Then you don’t have to post everything here on the forums in a separate thread each time :smile:

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Oh, i see… i might make use of it, sure… thanks :slight_smile:

June/13/2015 - After Fiddling around i just found a way to attach Static meshes to a pawn (E.g Leggett with a Radio on his back ) pretty nice… isn’t it? but you can’t do it? No worries… :slight_smile:

Attaching Static Mesh to a Pawn.
Just so i realized that an Easy way to attach SMs to a pawn is by using SCRIPTED SEQUENCES that can be found in the Actor Browser, that means that UNREAL SCRIPTING is still out of the way.

Create a Scripted Sequence in your map

After Spawning one (It will look like a Gray box with A.I Script Written inside), open it’s properties then Expand Events and change the tag to something you’d like.
(in my case, i’ll name it Solomon_radio_attach)

Before proceeding to editing it’s properties off, we need to make sure that our Pawn is tied to the AIScript, Expand AI and add the name of your Scripted Sequence over it.
(Note that it can be used by Pawns without limitations, in other words… most pawns can be attached to it and endure the effects it have set in the properties.)

After adding the tag, you should notice that there’s a blue line that is shown when you click the CharacterSpawner, that might help you out a bit.

Setting the properties
We’re now done with connecting each Actors together, now let’s proceed to setting the Properties of the Scripted Sequence.

Click on the Scripted Sequence actor then expand it’s AIScript then click on add and search for "ACTION_AttachStaticMesh"

** After doing so, you’ll be greeted by two… things/section whatever. (can’t describe it.)
which is StaticMesh and BoneName follow the steps below.

1st - since we are focusing on adding Radio on a character, add the line us_radio_field_pack
in the StaticMesh.
2nd - and then add radio_bone in the BoneName.
Now Both of them should be like this.

Setting out the Properties and Stuff we now need to test it out ingame, see if it worked and we’re done!

Side notes

  • When you are using default skin model (Us_para_body for example) it might have a bag clipping out of the radio, so it’s otherwise useful to use leggett’s uniform or the uniform of Cole during Cole’s charge, it isn’t an big deal and that it’s barely noticeable but i’ll still recommend it.

Peace out…

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