Changing team colour via PlayerCFG?

I’m just asking if it is possible to edit your multiplayer team colours, and if you use PlayerCFG.lua in the profile folder.

Some background on something similar here:

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Ah thanks for that, editing the RGB codes does actually make the profile colour change in-game. I was checking out some Cataclysm Colours and they look nice enough in RM.

PlayerSetup = {
record = 0,
teamcolour = {
stripecolour = {
taskbar = 0,
emblem = “DATA:badges/KIITH MANAAN.TGA”,

You can change the color schemes in the campaign too.


But, it’s in the level file.

How do you do that spoiler arrow?

To the right of your editing menu there’s a gear (options sub-menu), the HIDE function is there.
Where it’s written “summary”, you write your phrase and you upload your screenshot before “[/details]”

There is another working syntax, but I don’t remember now, it uses “<” instead of “[” and such.

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< details > < summary >CLASH OVER HIIGARAN SKIES< /summary >
< img src="//" width=“690” height=“388” >
< /details >

I put some spaces, delete them and check on your end.

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