Chaning SHIFT email struggle

I want to change the email, but the email won’t change. I only get an error “This is not a valid email address”. I cannot log into the support page to say or do anything about it. The only log in option I have is with Steam on

I made this account when I was playing Borderlands 1 on Steam, I linked it when I was young. I was 16 / 17 years old then. And since then I never bothered to change it until now. But my old Email was simply removed. I got the email when we had Tele2 as our network company in Norway. It went bad for them, and without a warning, they stopped it just suddenly.

So my problem is I cannot go into support ticket place and post a problem, or I cannot change on the account page due to the G-mail or Live mail that is “not a valid email”.

P.S. the only way for me to log in here is using Steam at the Account page then log into here. Very funky…

I hope I could get som help.

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You should be able to contact support directly through the web form without having to sign in. You can access the form here:

Make sure for “Game Issue” you choose shift account. You should get an auto-reply with a ticket number, and then a human response as follow-up.