Channeling and Refresher helix choices need some balancing

Alani’s level 6 helix choice needs some love. Right now Channeling is just outright worse, and by a fairly wide margin.

Channeling’s best case scenario is 3 stacks of Osmosis every 26 seconds (minus cooldown reduction). To achieve that, you need to consistently have groups of 3+ enemies grouped tight enough to hit with Geyser, and line up your shots to hit at least 3 of them with Geyser’s delay.

By contrast, Refresher’s best case scenario is about 2.5 Osmosis stacks every 16 seconds (minus cooldown reduction). To achieve this you need to… move forward (and if you took Riding the Wave a couple levels ago, the game will do that for you). Refresher already has a huge advantage in giving Alani a way to generate Osmosis without being in combat, but it outclasses Channeling in raw Osmosis generation even at its best.

I think Refresher might be a little too strong, but Channeling is definitely too weak. It either needs another bonus tacked onto it or it needs to be scrapped and reworked entirely.

Ya its pretty obviously worse.