Chaos Mode changes every time i start the game, normal?

Im in love with BO3 and i really love that there is a chaos mode that changes your way to play for every area. BUT, there is a big problem with it for me. Sadly it changes every time when i restart the game the modifiers for my current area. That is really really annoying. Example:
You start playing in an area and u notice that u have the wrong weapons, u start to collect ( if u dont have them on your bank) the right weopons, maybe change even your skill. U play in the area for some hours and on the next day you want to play some more bo3. But u notice u do no damage because alle the modifiers have changed… that is really no fun. It takes time to change everything and then u restart the game and u can to the same again… really no fun. Like i sayed, i love it that u are forced to change your settup, but its unbelievable frustrating to see on the next time you start the game that its all nothing worth anymore.
I bet some people get over it with restarting the game for so long until they get the modifiers they want… that another bad point in in. I can imagine a good solution would be fixed modifiers for all areas. Or for like every season/month or other time periot. That would be real fun.

Mayhem mode. Yes it changes. I think it even changes when you travel to other maps. I could be wrong. You basically should bring around extra options with you.

I play on mayhem 2 at the moment. I’m a little more comfortable there.

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Every reload or map change the modifiers randomize. You are forced to carry the necessary precautions of weaponry on your character so you have to plan for all eventual outcomes, or at least do your best with what you have at your disposal.

As far as i testet it, it only changes when you reload the game ( going back to the main menü is enought to trigger changes ). Just travel from map to map donst change the stats for me, i could be wrong but that how it worked for me.
Yes u can bring up all the weapons you need for it, after u grinded for like 100 hours to get them. I´m sure about that. That allone is annoying enough. But the fact that some skills are elemental damage make u forced to change that too. At least on mayhem 3.
Its just a pain to be forced to change everything just because a reload of the game.
That wont get better in the future with higher and harder levels.

The next big problem is that u can get modifiers that make you stronger, which means that the hard mode gets easy, at least easier.

Maybe its just me, but that wont work for me. I like the way that u are forced to change your layout for each map, but i hate the buffs and the randomnes of it.

Btw: I really hope for op levels like in bo2. It was fun and really hard. Not like mayhem. Once u get the right weapons that gets a buff from it, it makes it too simple.

Its a thread to say how i would change it and what i would like to see about it. No explanations of how it works and how to beat the mode needet. It´s not that hard, i know that, but its annoying.

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I suspect some people will just finish TVHM and use mayhem 0. I don’t know how hard TVHM is or not yet. I took advantage of the mayhem 1 + scaling everything in the game after beating it and stayed in normal until level 50. And I started to seek out all the map secrets and started running all the side missions (still in normal). But now I’m running another character up through the story so I can start using all that high end gear for that class.

TVHM isnt hard. I dont even think is changes your playstyle in any way. I never testet ot out, not in bo2, pre sequel or bo3 how big the difference is.
UVHM ( 50+) is an other story but still doable for everyone. The op levels made a big difference, op 4 was like 3 times more damage and healthpoints than in UVHM.
But enough of that.
In the last 2 days i was forced to deaktivate the chaos mode or restart the game because of totaly fu**ed up modifiers.
-45% Elemental damage
+45% Damage with normal Attacks and Bullets
-50% Normal Weapon Damage
+40% Damage with normal Weapons
-60% Damage with the Elektric Element

I have no clue how bo3 is calculatin it but at the end my elemental attack was around the normal damage, my other elemtal weapons did less dmg and my normal weapons and bullets did around 75% less damage.

I tried the ´´gesalben´´ dont know how they name it in englisch but the purple guys, a tinker one for 30mins, 4 deaths because of respawning trashes. killing that one will take around 15min without a real fight. It took me 10min for around 75% of his healt.

I restartet the game 3 times after that to get not so stupid modifiers and he died in unter 5mins including the trashies.

Please fix that!!!

the only thing different is that enemies are on level, and there are more badasses. and a lot more annointeds.

You, like many others, have successfully discovered that Mayhem Mode sucks dick.

This is normal, unfortunately.