Chaos Rumble 3 Days In

So, been playing heavily (well, I always play heavily I guess LOL) since Chaos Rumble debuted on Monday and, for me, while it still happens sometimes, the novelty of people choosing 3,4,5 duplicate character teams seems to have fallen off and people seem to be using it mainly to actually play Meltdown & Capture.

Incursion only seems to get voted in about 1/4 to 1/3 of my matches.

Incursion mode wait time seems to be about the same as usual for me and I haven’t tried finding a Meltdown or Capture map outside of Chaos Rumble mode.

How are you guys finding it?

Yesterday when I played we faced actual team comps probably 65% of the time. Even with me going 5/20 of Isic, that was my first actual game with him, they couldn’t stop the power of 5 Isic.

No real point to the mode if you don’t run doubles.


Well, ok, admittedly many (most) teams are still running doubles of a character or two.

But I’m not seeing teams of more than 3 of the same character very much at all lately.

Well today I couldn’t get matched into Meltdown, so I moved into Chaos Rumble. CR is great but sadly, Battleborn can’t really split it’s player base any further, even on consoles.


My partner and I have been playing CR a lot since the queue times on other modes have not been great when we’re online. It’s about what you expect in terms of which modes/team comps get picked.

Our favorite part hands down has been global chat. I always found the BB community to be excellent, and everybody on chat has been nothing but friendly (and often hilarious!) I really hope it stays this way going forward, the awesomeness of this community is one of the main reasons I play.


So far I’ve tried a 5 man gali, phoebe, and miko team.


For the Galiliea team: first 2 levels we were not doing so well, but after level 3 we did phenominal.

Phoebe team: first 4 level were ABSOLUTELY terrible. Everyone kept dying because phoebe is a late gamer. But once we all hit lvl 5, there was no competition. We annihilated with major crowd control and aoe.

As for miko; we lost… BUT it was fun to see that we had a line of healing because everyone was healing everyone which was pretty cool. We couldn stand the opponents ults because Miko has a low healh pool and huge crit spot, but eh it was fun

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I still think it’s great even if you don’t want doubles. It gets you in a game quick and you don’t need to pick. It’s great.


Yeah I’ve been seeing a lot of regular meta and it’s bothering me. So I purposely wait to double a character a teammate picks :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I want a regular quick play option without the stacking. Also, totally randomized maps. Sick of the same three showing up together.


I was enjoying it. until…

I literally just had a single team ruin the entire experience.

5-man group of
Toby (with vortex talent and double mines legendary)

And with the open 2-way mics, it was the most toxic experience I’ve ever had to deal with; Constant trash talk and insults.

Honestly? I don’t even want to look at Battleborn any more after it. That’s how ■■■■■■■ bad it was.

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This is the kind of thing that’s going to kill it. So far there haven’t been too many matches of people just deliberately being ■■■■■■■■ about it, but there have been some, and those matches are terrible. I think that as it goes on there are going to be more and more tryhards who are just abusing broken characters as hard as they can, and it’s really going destroy the experience.

For example, trying to play against Thorn, two Galileas, and two Raths. There’s hardly anything you can do, as the amount of CC being thrown at you is just insane. Two slows from Raths, two stuns from Galileas, and then AoE slow, two AoE knock-ups, two AoE pulls, and a total of four AoE silences. It’s just asinine.

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I ruthlessly mute players who do that type of stuff.

Chaos Rumble is the ideal mode to work on Lore.
And I finally get to play Meltdown!

A god damn miracle for PC. I hope the mixed queue sticks.

I was at the point that if I have to play one more Incursion match I’ll just uninstall the game and actually enjoy myself. Ugh.

This is exactly the problem, even finding players for incursion (XBox) takes longer now…

Finding meltdown on ps4 isnt happening since chaos rumble has happened and i honestlt cant wait until it ends so i can finally get matches again that arent random madness. I mean i admit i troll every once in awhile but honestly sometimes i just wanna play a legit match of skill, not three ernest on incursion, three kleese on meltdown, or 5 deande on capture. It just becomes annoying after awhile.

We trolled as 5 gallilea one capture game. It was stun locks and spinning sword madness for days. Attikus would jump at someone and just get blown up. Three Ernest stacking power egg is just the worse though.

My girlfriend and I have been duo-ing Rath. We don’t care who anyone else is, the knock up slows are absurd. We haven’t lost in around ten matches I think… I’d feel bad about “cheese” but… It’s two of us. The rest of our team usually isn’t doing anything ridiculous or overpowered.

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Someone was saying some very unkind things at me this whole match so i decided to taunt him the next time i killed him for some giggles and he said some even more vulgar words.
Near the end he said how i only went for kills even tho i had 2nd highest objectives as well as 8 kills (capture). Is why I just mute people and just play with pugs mostly. :kissing: