Chaos Rumble every weekend?

It’s extremely fun to go dual characters in PvP. If you don’t want it to be everyday could we get it as a weekend thing. It’ll reinvigorate things a lot I feel. It takes too long before it comes up again and that’s sad.

Yes common weekend events would be nice but that means adding a queue every weekend which splits the playerbase and increases matchmaking times.

Chaos Rumble every weekend is probably not going to happen, but I think what they have been working around is a bunch of different “Rumble” game types with different things changed about them. Possibly switching them around occasionally or alternating as you said every weekend.

I think it was said (I may be wrong) that they want a permanent Rumble queue that changes weekly

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God I hope not. I hate chaos rumble and would hate it even more if it was another queue and the only way to play meltdown.

I almost quit the game this weekend because of Chaos Rumble, and I wasnt the only one, there is a lot of posts around complaining against it.

I can certainly see how it can be annoying. More than one Kleese and KU in capture is awful.

I like chaos rumble, it’s not awful. And I think people just tend to be so negative about everything new that happens to this game. I just like the option of a quick match, without any picks, without any limitations to characters alongside the normal popular stuff like incursion mode.

Don’t like it - don’t play it. But I think there are more than a handful of people that actually likes this mode more than the ones we have on normal occasion.

And about dividing the community into the different queues. Well, sometimes people choose not to play at all if they can’t find any joy in a mode. So why not let them find the roof in other mode(-s)?

2 modes with different rules are really not THAT much of a big deal I would think.

I understand why people like chaos rumble and I definitely understand why they do it when they release a new character, but GBX has put in a ton of effort to try to make the PvP balanced and chaos rumble just doesn’t care about it. I like all the modes but I really just want a good competitive match that has a chance to be balanced. I tend to do more PvE when rumble comes along, but I would hate for it to be permanent.

Nah, it would be different stuff, link Faction fights

I never said that I didn’t want it. I made the original post. I was just saying that Kleese is annoying.

I was talking more about the global opinion on chaos rumble, not about your original post in particular. My bad if it sounded that way ^^.