Chaos Rumble, farewell for now!

That mode was a blast. It really was, some of the best games I’ve had were in Chaos Rumble, but I understand it perhaps cycling in and out, or something. I look forward to a multi-queue, but until then, It’s back to solo queue, and Netflix on a second monitor to keep me busy!

It was fun, but it was very one sided 80% of the time.

At least I managed to get most of the titles from capture/meltdown modes ^^

Sadly I couldn’t play the last few days of Chaos Rumble because I’m currently not at home (well, “sadly”… Vacation in Italy certainly is nothing negative), but I’m also glad it’ll be back to normal when I get home.
I’d love to see chaos rumble every now and then in the future though. It’s amazing to get lore done and it’s fun to try out ridiculous team comps, even if it is pretty one sided most of the times. Maybe make it a monthly event? One weekend a month would be pretty cool.

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It was amazing and im really gonna miss it!

Hello, Incursion, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again…


Because a Pendles softly creeping
Left its venom while I was melee-ing
And the venom that was planted in my brain
Still remains within the sound of dying.

In capture mode I walked alone…



I was going to add more but got distracted!

Top marks, my friend, perfect!

I loved it too! But what I really loved is how many more characters and ideas I have under my belt now

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Rip chaos rumble, the only way to find a match…

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Jythri’s already on top of it :smiley:

Farewell, the first time in weeks I could play Meltdown without a 40 minute queue and getting put against 4/5-man premades.


Now back to nothing but INCURSION

IMO the broken part about chaos rumble is being trapped in a single character choice.

I don’t think that it should make a return until it’s possible to switch mid-match.

…I’m off to playing literally anything else

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