Chaos Rumble has officially overstayed its welcome

I’m not one to contribute to negativity on these forums, but CR is offically tiresome. After 2 straight weeks of only being able to find a PvP match there, I’d much rather go back to character uniqueness and choosing which mode.

Being stomped by a 4 galilea/1 alani team against me and a bunch of new players where they spawncamp us on capture has lost its enchanting qualities, I don’t even see that many KUs anyway.

I’d recommend for DLC character 5 have CR for thursday when she comes out to sunday night, then remove CR until the thursday she goes out to everyone and then leave that till sunday. So it’s only 8 days out of 2 weeks rather than 14


When CR impedes the ability to play certain game modes entirely, it’s not nearly as enjoyable. I agree

So is the main problem simply that there is not a large enough player base to support temporary game modes? If the main complaints are stemming from the fact that the addition modes strip the other queues of their players then Gearbox may not be able to mess around with unique modes ever and that makes me sad.

The only alternative I could think of would be to temporarily remove other PVP queues during these events, however that is bound to annoy people (and rightfully so).

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The purpose of the event was for everyone to try kid ultra, since he was recently released and some players have that unsportsmanlike conduct where they leave immediately if they don’t get to choose him before everyone else. Thanks to that, we aren’t having a repetition of what happened when Alani was released. Constant 4v5 matches or matches not starting due to lack of players.

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but if you don’t enjoy the chaos of chaos rumble, or if you aren’t trying to play as kid ultra, then stick to the other game modes if it will only cause you to have a bad time.

I actually pretty much stopped playing PVP this week thanks to Chaos Rumble. I played a bit of Face Off and Incursion (as Kid Ultra a number of times) for the double credits, but my favourite mode is Meltdown, which got locked behind CR all week. I’ve talked about my problems with Chaos Rumble last time (boring stomp games, the bedlam of global chat, etc), so I didn’t even bother this time around.

But hey, I’m over two thirds done collecting Thrall Rebellion skins now.


If you hadn’t heard, faceoff was removed and quick match is back

It’s been done too many times. It needs to come back just when 30 comes out and that’s the next time I wanna see it. But now that they can do more stuff it seems empty. I haven’t even a pug have more than two if the same, and that’s just because I pick the same as another. It’s just the same mode now but with more clones

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I like everything about it except the team comp. Unique characters make this game better.

I hate voting. I like being required to play all modes.

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