Chaotic Aggression - Orendi PVP Build Guide

I made a build for Orendi called “Chaotic Aggression”. Here’s the guide for it!


Character Rank 12 (Pillarstorm helix)

Helix Selections:

1 - (LEFT) Fire Walk With Me
2 - (RIGHT) I Hate Your Pretty Eyes
3 - (LEFT) Let’s Bounce
4 - (LEFT) Preamble of Pain
5 - (LEFT) Prognostication
6 - (RIGHT) Shadowfury
7 - (LEFT) Force of Will
8 - (LEFT) Rapid Deterioration
9 - (LEFT) Shadowfire Storm
10 - (MIDDLE) Pillarstorm

Incursion/Meltdown Gear:

◄Survivor’s Regrowth Serum►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second
+4.20 Health Regeneration per Second after surviving for 180 seconds

◄Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft►
+8.32% Attack Damage
+4.61% Attack Speed

◄Lorrian Skill Spike►
+9.10% Skill Damage
+4.20% Movement Speed
Skills gain a 7.00% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.

Capture Gear:

◄Artificial Vitae►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second

◄Cognitive Predictor►
+9.10% Skill Damage

◄Unstable Bio-Rhythmic Timer►
-7.00% Cooldown Time
+17.50% Recoil

I don’t see this having a place on Orendi, her primary attack is just a way to pass the time and harass your enemies until you’re ready to burst them dead and throw out a Pillar or ult. It can be utilised as an initiator or finisher, based on cooldowns, but it’s not a consistent or reliable source of damage.

I think there are two better choices for skill damage, Codex Fragment gives +210 health at max roll and the unique effect allows for a huge damage spike when under heavy fire, though an epic Eldrid skill damage item would work just as well and be cheaper without requiring a situational tertiary effect for optimum efficiency.

Or Bola’s Target Finder, my personal favourite legendary. Being Jennerit it has attack speed as the secondary star, but the 5.6% 10 second debuff is what makes it special. It procs from Preamble of Pain meaning every Shadowfire Pillar deals +14.7% damage when the gear is active, this synergises well with Orendi’s buffs to SFP at level 6 and skill damage at level 7, making for insanely painful combos and all but guaranteeing kills with every use of Pillarstorm.

I ran an all attack speed gear build and it was incredibly effective, I wouldn’t underestimate her basic attacks. At default values though I don’t like them so this gives them a slight boost which I find very helpful.

I even said in the video this choice was simply for fun. I definitely wouldn’t go with the Codex Fragment but that’s interesting that Preamble of Pain proc Bola’s Target Finder, I hadn’t considered that. That would be a great alternative and I also suggested Orendi’s legendary gear as an option or just a cheap skill damage item.

might try this, I have literally never used PoP but always used encore. How do the 2 compare?

The damage values are the same, it just depends on whether you can land Pillars effectively, if you can then Preamble every time, esoecially for wave clear as you can drop a Pillar on a wave then be about your business doing Orendi things. Also no screwing around with the cooldown, just one Pillar followed by Nullify and another Pillar, no double tap or delay between Encore and SFP cooldown. Plus, Preamble procs off Pillarstorm’s Pillars so damage on damage. Honestly, it’s probably her best skill.

Sorry, I didn’t actually watch the video if I must be honest, just read the summary.

no kidding lol played her since beta and always went with encore guess I have to further refine my precision with her since encore has that aoe over PoP I really have to think ahead of my casts

I use Encore to create confusion on the field, while also giving me more zoning potential and trapping people, but PoP is more reliable damage, Encore is probably still higher.

The damage is the same, they both add +50% to SFP damage just in different ways.

Ah, is Shadowfire at 360 damage at level 3? And does Preamble scale? With levels or with buffs? I’ve never tested.

I don’t know the precise SFP damage per level but yes, Preamble does scale with both level and skill damage increases.

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I’m gonna have to use it some more then. Sounds fun!

It’s all good. I was anticipating someone going OMG WTF Lorrian Skill Spike?! :smiley:

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone using it lol.

I think I’ve played with or against you before, you’re on PS4?

It doesn’t happen all that often, but having that ult hit at 150% damage is AMAZING lol. Yeah I’m on PS4, I’ve seen you around a few times.

Thought your name sounded familiar, but I don’t remember our matches outside of your name lol :confused:

Can you guys shed some light on why you choose prognostication over prognosticombo. Since SFP’s cooldown is already low, you’d get more use out of it because that will allow you to use nullify more often and evidently, use SFP more.

Personally, I use a shard generator( at 0 cost), voxis core, and cognitive predictor(also gives +98 shield in addition to skill dmg). Do you guys suggest voxis core?

Now, I never knew bolas procs the extra 5% dmg, so i’ll definitely change up my playstyle.

I like to the right helix at level 3 where it starts charging your shield because it adds a bit moe survivability.

Prognostication let’s you do shadowfire pillar, nullify, shadowfire pillar without any delay. It’s better for burst damage.

Does anyone know if the special effect of Voxis Core (“Enemies near the target of skills take 15% of the damage dealt to the target”) would proc the special effect of Bola’s Target Finder (“Damaging enemies with skills increases damage dealt to them by 5.6% for 10 seconds”). What I mean is if I’m using both legendaries, do enemies “near the target of skills” that take the 15% damage from the Voxis Core now take 5.6% more damage for the next 10 seconds? If so, these 2 (plus a 0 cost shard generator) seems like a great Orendi gear loadout.