Chaotic Evil Monk (+6MS, +5Asbestos)

Looking for one of these. I’ve farmed for a while and the only one i’ve got is with the +5 +6 the other way around. Have various things I can trade, just list what you’re looking for and we can maybe do a deal.

Edit: OP8 preferably, or if it has maximum stats then any level.

I got um. hit me up. :slight_smile:

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Actually just as the notification popped up, BAM next chest had one :slight_smile: thanks for the offer though!

That is typical of Borderlands RNG. no worries. Not sure how you did it, but I have a couple different methods of farming the chests in the Tiny Tina DLC. Glad you got it. :+1: it’s my fav COM for Sal when using the Deputy Build.

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the very reason I wanted it :slight_smile:

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