Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod (Blue) For Sal still available?

I’ve been farming Tiny Tina’s DLC for days and cannot find the blue Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod for the Gunzerker. Is it still in the game? I’ve been through literally hundreds of chest with no luck except for the purple version. A little help?

Yes it’s still in the game. You’re just getting unlucky.


Thanks. I think. What a streak of bad luck.

Yeah I know the feeling of getting nothing I want out of loot runs. You just need to keep going :wink:


The fastest and most sure way is to run Dragon Keep itself- the 5 mimic chests are the easiest to reach and get to…

I’ve done that run at least 60 or 70 times in the past two days alone and nada. Thanks though.

I’m farming for that one too currently. It’s a lot more of a beast than you would think.

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I think I have one for you if you want (op8). Shoot me a friend request if you want it.

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I’ll take it. Thanks.

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I feel your pain.


The pne I have os +5 sexual tyran…, not asbestos. It’s yours if you want it. I accepted your friend request.
See you

l spent two day, some times l would run though fast and bring no one out and on top of the stairs where handsom blue pool is jump in and no fighters on the ground then. that way you can open them fast. without fighting all the time and try landing on his red chest when jumping down. good luck

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I spent MONTHS farming that thing. Good luck.

(I didn’t drive myself crazy though - just did about a dozen or so runs per day until it dropped)


Yeah, that’s been my approach but so far in a month…nothing. Although I did pick up a purple with five to the Money Shot and four to asbestos. Not bad but not the best. Thanks.

So, last night I was doing more farming for the blue Chaotic Evil Monk class mod with +6 Money Shot and +5 Asbestos when I opened a chest and there were two Blue Chaotic Evil Monk Class mods. Except one had +6 Sexual Tyrannosaurus and +5 Asbestos and the other had +6 Asbestos and +5 Money Shot. Yeah, FML. Game is not playing nice.

I took both to take a pic later but then the Hansome Sorcerer dropped a Chain Lighting and an Impaler. Easy decision there.

I’ll keep farming and some day…


ive done nothing for the last week but farm for the chaotic monk mod, i had read that the best way to find it was to kill the mimic chests, so, all ive been doing is killing the dragons to get to the dozen or so chests that turn into mimics, not a single monk com after several days of farming that many mimics… am i doing something wrong or does the game just hate me

The mimic chests in the Ancient Dragons lair will ALWAYS be mimics- they never are chests. You want to try the five mimic chests on Dragon Keep- sometimes they’ll be mimics but when they’re chests you have a chance at the com.

oh, i thought i had read that the com had a better chance to drop from the chests that turned into mimics, thats good to know, thanks carlton

The easier way to farm a Monk class mod is to go to the Mines of Avarice, turn round and go to the previous area, and go to the two chests you find after defeating the four kings (this way round you don’t have to fight them!)

At level 61 I’ve found several, but I’m still looking for a CE or CG one with a better than +4 Money Shot.

Hi guys…just wondering if Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod is still available to grab in Borderlands2. Any help wil b much appreciated…