Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Good monk class mod?

A lot of people seem to rate the Chaotic Evil Monk class mod, and having just found one, I can see why, but I’m wondering if the Chaotic Good one isn’t even better. The utility of the CE monk depends upon you getting Criticals, which is not a given, but while both give you a higher fire rate, the CG monk gives you a faster reload speed, which means you’re spending longer doing actual damage. Obviously, if you’re assured of getting criticals, the CE version is better, but otherwise?

(Level 61, BTW)

When you learn how to use the interfacer, get reliable criticals and also get 'dem sexy moneyshots, reload speed has a lower preference.

I normally work off a Grog Nozzle and DPUH or a Florentine SMG with a Moxxi SMG. I have a full set of Seraph Omen shotguns from the Dragons.

My other typical equipment is an Evolution or Bee shield and a Relic of the Ancients which gives me a +46% health boost and extra pistol ammo.

Something else: reduced reload time can be a life-saver if you’re in FFYL.

I like the Good Monk more than the Evil Monk simply for reload speed, the critical bonus from the Evil COM is additive, so it can help, but I don’t personally notice. Also, I feel it mixes well with the fire rate from “Chaotic”.

Keep in mind that your off hand will not get the buffs from the CG Monk mod. the evil is preferred as it applies the crit to the offhand while gunzerking. Only the “Evil” prefix is worth it IMO

I don’t know why I didn’t see this thread before, I’m a bit late, sorry.

Overall, the Evil is better in most cases. But that depends a lot on the gun you use.

Jakobs shotguns get a lot out of the Good prefix since they reload so often, but SMGs for example, get much less.

There is diminishing returns from stacking a lot of reload speed bonus, just as with crit bonus.

If you use the Lady fist for example, the 50% crit bonus on top of the 800% you already have will not have a lot of impact.
Likewise, if you have points in all in the Reflex and Incite and/or a Deputy’s badge, you will barely notice the good prefix’s effects.

Consider also the added benefits of the Neutral prefix. While the good prefix can make some guns reload faster, reloading half as often accomplishes the same result.

Bottom line: the best prefix is highly dependent on your weapons, but the Evil prefix is very often the best choice.