Chaotic neutral or Chaotic good mod?

Which mod is better for raiding and which color should it be, blue or purple?

The only skill worth boosting is “Wires don’t talk”, and a blue rarity COM boosts it to +6. Reload is generally a better choice over mag size. Many of the top tier guns in this game have a relatively small mag and/or use more than one ammo per shot, and that’s when the reload speed becomes important.

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Probably not gonna be much help here since I don’t really raid with her, but I love my blue Chaotic Evil with 6 Wires Don’t Talk and a nice crit-hit and fire rate bonus.

You should try the Chaotic Neutral, as it extends your The Better Half uptime. Especially with guns like the Hail, that already have a good magazine size.
I like the Chaotic Good for mobing, as it allows you to stack faster without hurting your magazine size as much as the Punk COM.
For skills, the good one is Wires Dont Talk, so it doesnt matter this much as you are probably going to use fire guns against Raids most of the time. So, doesnt matter If it is blue or purple.