Chapter 8: Heliophage

Ok so I want to complete Raths lore and need to deal damage to Rendain with Catalytic Smash. Problem is that I don’t want to play through Chapter 8 alone as Rath and for some reason I have opened 20+ public matches and not 1 of them have had Chapter 8 as an option to even vote for. My question is: Am I just jarringly unlucky or will it not pop up as an option in Public?

It has its own option in the menu you unlock, and no one plays it for obvious reasons.

You need a friend, I’ll help if you want. Same name on Steam.

I didn’t have any trouble getting groups last night, 3 in a row, all 3 failed miserably, but seemed to be plenty in the queues.

I am on PS4 though.

@matthewmerrill12 what platform are you on? I can help on PS4 if you need.

Thanks for the responses everyone. Plat = XB1 though :frowning: if anyone on Xbox would like to add me, my GT will be below. Again thank you!!

GT: ZabuzaMomochee

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