Character Aesthetics: Pushing it Further!

Well, I suppose it’s a good start. :V

Who the hell said here that the women in BB aren’t sexy?
I’m also queer, pansexual to be exact, and I think many of the women are pretty appealing despite not being your super sexy cutesy girls. (Especially because they aren’t lmao).

I think Alani is (design wise) the sexiest so far, but she is … Idk… everyday sexy? (alas something you could see in real life on the street for example) while I think OWs women are more… Well, male fantasy sexy. It isn’t bad to have those women, it’s just bad that almost all of OWs women look like they are especially there to cater to male fantasies. I don’t find any of them appealing to be honest.

I agree with whoever said that the roles are still pretty generic (women rather as healers/stealth characters while men are offensive/defensive types) but hey, we have yet to see the new DLC heroes. God I really hope they give us Nova in a big ass tanky robot haha (everything is better than EDI from Mass Effect though).

@shaman.wulf by the way I found the post from Shaynes concept designer if you and your partner wanna read into it! It was the designers reply to somebody rambling if Shayne might be a trans man. Click here


It’s also bad when for some reason, every game needs a Sexy and Sexually Empowered™ woman. Haven’t we seen that enough in games? Why does everything have to be sexy? Especially BB or OW, which are marketed towards younger audiences, too.

Can’t we for once explore different kind of women and men, not just Sexy and Hot and Proud To Show It. We get it. Move on!

And on the main topic, while Battleborn is definitely better than many many other games out there, it still has ways to go. The female characters designs still feel limited to “pretty and thin” though in a less conventional way (this was also mentioned already) and some also seem to fall for some… pretty basic RPG design tropes. Prepare for some nit-picking!

My opinions about Ambras design might be more my personal preference, but I think she’d look a lot better in a robe than with a midriff. Rath gets a dress, why doesn’t Ambra? (Also how come Ambra won’t rest until every single shirt is tucked the ■■■■ in, but her shirt isn’t tucked in?)

Galilea has boob-plate and high heels. I don’t think I have to say much else about that.

Thorn. Jiggly Boob Socks. Well, at least it looks amusing.

And while there are Kelvin (generally referred to as male, though not actually), Attikus (Are all Thralls male?), Isic,Toby and Benedict, the females don’t have any non human looking characters. I was really hoping Alani would have been it, but alas, she is also very humanoid. Pendles seems to also be male. Maybe the new bird character will be female?

Sorry that this was a little incoherent, I was more thinking aloud than trying to make a comprehensive and in depth post about designing female characters. Just some little nit-picky observations of mine.


I would be over the moon if Pendles turns out to be female. It won’t happen, but it’s a lovely thought.

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True that! But then again if we’d leave them out there’d be dudebros all over the place whining about how feminists are oppressing them lmao (looking at the Tracer debate that wasn’t even sparked by a feminist) Also one of my favorite arguments is “oh so you hate Empowered™ women? that means you are a sexist women hating FEMINAZI”.

Any chance that you follow the tumblr blog bikiniarmorbattledamage? They pointed out the same flaws within BB characters. They always bring up valid points.
Also I agree… I could live with the boobplate even though it’s the famous case of Schrödingers tits… If you can’t see them are they really there? Haha
but the high heels??? Why would a fully armored woman want to wear heels? Armor is heavy and carrying the weight of all that not on your whole feet sounds more than painful.


I do, actually! Though I didn’t see they made a post about Battleborn.
And those heels definitely look uncomfortable. The person who designed Galilea is very skilled, but I do wonder what he was thinking when designing the shoes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Scruberaser, want to chime in?


Well, BB isn’t one of their main targets! It’s rather one of the positive examples but of course, they also point out the smaller flaws :slight_smile:

Of course Galis designer is super talented! I’d like to see the progress of her design actually…often there is just some marketing guy after the decision to slap boobs and high heels on women lmao (I got the Mass Effect art book and you can clearly see that many early designs for female characters were much less sexy or revealing than the end product; so I suspect somebody from marketing threw in “but sex sells” at some point and voila… Good designs were ruined) :persevere:
I also suspect something similar happened to Alani. Her designs could have ended up much more alien-y. I mean I still like her the way she is, but I also loved some of her alternate designs.

That said I’d love to see a BB artbook. I love seeing progress pictures.


Shameless flattery, my one mortal weakness! You’re too sweet :wink:

Seriously though, I totally agree with you on the way the diversity in this game feels natural and unfeigned. Sure, the Battleborn setting is a bit shallow right now, and many of the cast are homicidal narcissists… but there’s a happy, sincere warmth to the way it brings together its cast of misfits. This is maybe a stretch, but it feels to me that Gearbox define “badass” as a description of rebellious spirit - the same way I might describe someone like Laverne Cox (for example) as a badass. They’re all called badasses here - the penguin inside a battle mech, the binder-wearing teen who’s hijacked herself a Djinn, the buff lumberjack who loves to hug it out… resistance leaders, pirate captains, defective clone soldiers, the vampire who is totally not a vampire, the multitudinous sentient mushroom… And why are they badasses? Because they’re different, they’re the last ones left, and they’re fighting together to save the universe.

It’s a seductive narrative for anyone who knows what it’s like to be on the margins.

People have made contrasts with Overwatch’s cast, which shines with glossy, superhero sci-fi chic. I don’t think Blizzard have necessarily taken the low road as such - but it’s a very different idea of what constitutes cool. For lack of a better analogy, Battleborn brought together the weird kids: it’s an underdog story. Better still, these underdogs don’t see themselves as such. They’re totally comfortable being the eclectic ensemble they are.

I agree that Galilea is a bit odd in her design. I think her boobplate gets a pass: it’s not unrealistic that a body-confident woman might want her combat armor to reflect the body underneath, and she doesn’t fall into the trope of flashing skin through metal. In my book, though, heels are always stupid.

As for Thorn, she looks more lanky than svelte to me, so I actually really quite like her design. I can imagine her loping through the forest, graceful but also kinda gangly…


Well, at least we can comfort ourselves in the fact that Galilea isn’t wearing armor to protect her - it’s an aesthetic design choice, so we can ignore the fact that boob plate is pretty deadly. But as someone who mainly plays Fantasy RPG games, I’m getting a little bored of every female armor being horribly counter-intuitive and every single piece having some sort of boob window or boob plate going on! (Even Bethesda and Bioware have done this.)

This is a slightly stylized chest plate, but it shows her shape while still being practical and protective! I think this looks much better than any boob plate could ever look like.

Otherwise I think Galilea is awesome and looks awesome, and her interactions with Wolf are the best from all the array IMO, but these two problems I have with her design could have so easily been avoided! They are small things, but when every game I play seems to have these small things, to me they start turning from small to very significant.


To me, boobplates make me think of those comic book artists (the Rob Liefeld kind) who imagine breasts are just two globes stuck to someone’s upper chest… It’s anatomically crude and a bit gross. The breastplate picture you showed is much more in line with what I’d hope to see.

I do love Galilea’s dialogue and VA though. It is considerable compensation!


Name?? For, ya know, research purposes? :wink:

Protective armor is my ultimate turn on!
Boob Windows? Battle thongs? Bikini armor? Chainmail bikins? NO HEAD PROTECTION?!?! Frick that, give me fully covered women and men that can kick my ass!

Also I agree on Bethesda and Bioware (I love ME but it has so many poor design choices. I mean the art book even states that they wanted Asari to look bangable jeez), although Dragon Age really imroved over the course of the three games. DA:I has very little unbelievable female armor designs. The ones that are most off are actually those they released with the DLC (Shokra Tar and Avaar armor if I’m not mistaken). But then again, there is like no discrepancy between the female and male designs. A female version of the same armor doesn’t flash more skin, mostly.


Man I wish I knew who she was!

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Relevant :wink:


They did seem to be equally revealing across all genders, at least, so I wouldn’t hold it up against them.
They were awful buggy messes though, I wonder if they fixed any of that.

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@reliikki Yeah I forgot to add that! I edited my post already; but the male and female versions are equally revealing so that’s fine. As long as it’s equally ridiculous for all genders, it’s fine haha

@EdenSophia omg I literally laughed out loud! The sweater one killed me.


This is ridiculous. Kleese isn’t even disabled. Not every sub group needs to be recognized. If anything this detracts from the creative process. You become so focused in creating characters that every person from every walk of life can relate to that you don’t have characters like attikus. I think questions like “could this character be a female”, or “could we do this different” are important.

[quote=“lzvzlm, post:38, topic:1494445”]
his is ridiculous. Kleese isn’t even disabled.[/quote]

Every bone in my body is broken!

Also, Benedict has lost most of a wing, which for an aviant is a disability. So do stop. This kind of toxicity and unnecessary hatred isn’t welcome.

Disabled people are ‘sub group?’ Wow, you could have checked your bigotry at the door, but you’re bringing it in here with all the hate you can muster.

Now stop it. The next time I’ll report you. I’m sorry, but bigotry and hate just are not welcome here. You can take that attitude elsewhere. The kind of dehumanising brain rot you’re peddling is the worst kind of verbal diarrhoea and I find it detestable.

Of course everyone, every group, deserves their time in the sun.

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[quote=“Tenebeat, post:33, topic:1494445”]
Protective armor is my ultimate turn on!Boob Windows? Battle thongs? Bikini armor? Chainmail bikins? NO HEAD PROTECTION?!?! Frick that, give me fully covered women and men that can kick my ass![/quote]

Gotta highlight this! I remember when ESO started listening to people and redid a bunch of the armours to be completely believable. It was a revelation. Sometimes I even hold ESO to a higher standard than I do Battleborn, and that’s saying something.

I can’t help but love them. I admit, as much as I loved them before, I loved them even more when my partner’s painting of a khajiit won won of their art competitions. It did so much to boost her confidence you just wouldn’t believe it.

Here, let me pull it up…

This is why I’m so energised by creativity. I’m always talking to her and she’s got so many interesting opinions and perspectives that all I can do is shut up and listen.

You really should see the changes they made to the orcish armour, though. The orc armour in ESO now is just to die for. It’s beautiful and I love it. It’s the most believable armour for women I’ve likely seen in any video game, anywhere. I wish everyone could live up to that standard.

But with Galilea I do praise them because they gave her a sternum protector. That’s awesome. We’re both really tired of how so many armours actually fold around the breasts and push in between them. One blow from a heavy weapon would actually crack the sternum rather than protect it. Gally actually has a sternum protector though that faces away from the cleavage to deflect incoming blows. I was so happy about that.

But yeah, I agree. I love proper armour. No nonsense armour just meant to protect. Do check out ESO and orc armour, I think you’ll be amazed.


I’m not sure where you’re going with this. Relatable diversity and characters like Attikus are not mutually exclusive goals.

I mean, no, maybe people can’t relate to being a ten foot tall monster-alien. But Attikus is more than his race, he’s a person. The part where he’s often hated and looked down upon merely for what he is by his home culture? The part where he’s looked at and presumed to be the stereotype of his people, when he does not fit into that mold and is much more than that? As a gay man, you better believe I can relate to that.

Characters can be completely inhuman and still be relatable and speak to a given audience.