Character and Class Idea: Aliminis the Assassin

(Atervirens) #1

Name: Unknown, referred to only by alias, Aliminis.

Gender: Unknown.

Race: Human

Appearance: Wears a charcoal black suit, shiny black dress shoes, a pair of white gloves, a vermillion collared shirt and a snow white tie. Wears a dark red, yellow and black scarf which covers the lower half of its face. Is albino with a androgynous hairstyle and bright yellow eyes. Has right chest pocket with the number one embroidered on it in white and red. Carries around a sheath on its right hip as its class mod grenade mod on its left hip and its shield on a white leather belt. Knife used is a straight edge with a noticeable crossguard.

Background: An assassin known throughout all colonized galaxies for its near hundred percent success rate and the inexplicable ability to slow time itself in order to perform its job. Aliminis chose to visit Elpis after hearing rumors that an abandoned Dahl squadron was attacking the Helios moon base stationed there. Very little is known about this being, beyond its favourite snack (banana bread) and the fact that it will never just take cash. Its origins in particular are up to anybody’s interpretations; some say its an abomination from another dimension, others say it was the result of a secret super soldier project.

Personality: Aliminis speaks politely and concisely with little deviation and expresses emotion sparsely and usually through gestures, rather than facial expression. Despite being an assassin, Aliminis barely gives any indication of hostility if there was such a feeling within it.

Class: The Assassin has a large focus on constantly inflicting damage at no defined range, with usage of its action skill, as well as a heavy focus on critical hits. Depending on what skill tree is taken, Aliminis can either be a one-shot killer, a blurred lightning bolt or a lethal rogue.

Melee: A slash with a knife.

Action Skill: Slow Time. Whilst active, everything within a 25 meter radius is slowed down to 10% of its speed. Melee attacking projectiles whilst Slow Time is active will reflect them back towards the enemy that fired the projectile. Reflected projectiles ignore elemental resistance and inflict 500% of their base damage. Attacking enemies whilst they’re in the middle of an attack animation will do a counter attack, causing enemies to flinch; melee counter attacks have a 600% damage bonus. All attacks receive a 1.5 critical damage multiplier. Whilst active, everything appears in inverted colours. 15s Duration, 45s cooldown.

[SIZE=“30”]Monster Hunter[/SIZE]

This skill tree is focused on critical damage at any range.

[QUOTE]Make Them Count [Tier 1, 5 lvls]: +5% Reduced magazine size, +12% damage.

Adapted Hunter[Tier 1, 5 lvls]: Up to +15% damage, the further away you are from the enemy; up to +15% critical damage, the closer you are to an enemy.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Elemental Hemorrhaging [Tier 2, 5 lvls]: +7.5% Elemental chance and +15% DoT duration on critical shot. DoTs can now inflict critical damage.

Suspicious Allure [Tier 2, 1 lvl]: Grenades draw 100% enemy aggro, 33% increased trigger time, -100% knockback.

Never Letting Go [Tier 2, 5 lvls]: Critical hits extend Slow Time duration by +4%. 5s Cooldown[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Invigorated [Tier 4, 5 lvls]: A stack of Invigoration is gained for every critical hit. When Slow Time is used, you get health regeneration, based on the number of stacks, all stacks are consumed when Slow Time ends. +0.2% Health per second per stack. 25 stack maximum.

Ecstatic [Tier 4, 5 lvls]: +7.5% Movement speed, +15% swap speed and +10% reload speed whilst Slow Time is active. On reload, Slow Time is extended by up to +2%, depending on fire rate, magazine size and reload speed.

Petrify [Tier 4, 1 lvl]: Melee override. Hold down the melee button for more than 3s to launch a pair of swirling discs of cold wind. 100% Freeze chance. Critical damage bonus on frozen enemies is doubled. 40s Cooldown, cooldown rate is increased by 10% for every critical hit, up to 50% increased cooldown rate.

[QUOTE]Thunderhead Pike [Tier 5, 5 lvls]: +11% Of your critical damage is transferred to the next critical shot. Accumulated damage is lost on a miss.

No Escape [Tier 5, 5 lvls]: On critical hit, a singularity is generated around the enemy. Singularity attracts enemy projectiles to it, 10s duration. Radius increases per level. Only one singularity can exist at a time. [/QUOTE]

[SIZE=“30”]Ancient Arts[/SIZE]
This skill tree revolves around melee combat, projectile reflection and counter attacking.

[QUOTE]Explosive Retaliation [Tier 1, 5 lvls]: Reflected projectiles explode. Increased blast radius and splash damage per level.

Cut Down [Tier 1, 5 lvls]: +3% Damage against enemies 50% or higher health remaining, melee receives double the bonus. [/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Hand Of The Iron God [Tier 2, 5 lvls]: +3.5% Maximum health and +4% melee damage.

Get Over Here! [Tier 2, 1 lvl]: Enables a grappling hook during Slow Time by pressing the action skill button whilst Slow Time is active. Grappling hook draws enemies towards, if enemies can’t get be forced to move, you’re draw in instead. 50 Meter range.

Ripper [Tier 2, 5 lvls]: +15% Melee attack speed during Slow Time.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Tyrfing [Tier 4, 5 lvls]: +10% Melee reach, +6% melee damage.

Blood Thirsty [Tier 4, 5 lvls]: +0.5% Health gained on kill. 8 Times the effect with a melee or projectile reflect kill during Slow Time.

A Clockwork Hourglass [Tier 4, 5 lvls]: Stacks of Hourglass are gained for every second of your shield being below 100%, up to 10 stacks per second. +0.2% Shield recharge rate, +0.05% reduced shield recharge delay and +0.05% cooldown rate per stack. All stacks are consumed when Slow Time is used. 100 Stack cap.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Aggression [Tier 5, 5 lvls]: +10% Melee damage. On a successful counter attack, the enemy draws aggro around it for 7s within a radius. Aggro radius increase per level.

Sun Ruined Wings [Tier 5, 1 lvl]: While Slow Time is active, you gain the ability to fly. Jump button ascends, crouch button descends. 25% Movement speed increase.[/QUOTE]

This skill tree is a stop gap between a melee build and a critical hit build, with a significant focus on balancing out overall combat capabilities.

[QUOTE]Alternation [Tier 1, 5 lvls]: Stacks of Strike and Headshot are gained from shooting and meleeing respectively. The next shot consumes all Headshot stacks and the next melee attack consumes all Strike stacks. +1.75% per Strike stack; +1% critical damage and +0.6% gun damage per Headshot stack. 10 Stack cap.

Equilibrium [Tier 1, 5 lvls]: +7% Reduced shield capacity, +7.5% reduced shield recharge delay, +6% shield recharge rate.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]No Loss, No Gain [Tier 2, 5 lvls]: Up to +0.6% health regenerated per second and +6% critical damage, depending on how full the magazine is. +8% Movement speed and +7.5% melee damage, depending on how empty your guns magazine is.

Multi-Tasking [Tier 2, 1 lvl]: Sprinting and ADS doesn’t prevent any actions, no movement or accuracy penalties. You can sprint in any direction too.

Double Tap [Tier 2, 5 lvls]: All attacks have a 5% chance to occur twice; thrice during Slow Time. Melee and critical hit kills multiply the bonus by 1.5 for 3s.[/QUOTE]

Unstoppable Or Immovable [Tier 3, 1 lvl]: When walking, you gain 20% damage and knock back reduction and suffer 50% shorter DoTs. Shield also gains a gating system, identical to health gate. When sprinting, you’re immune to knock back and gain 1.75x critical hit damage and melee damage.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Rush Down [Tier 4, 5 lvls]: +12% Movement speed and boost speed whilst Slow Time is active. The next melee attack after boosting in Slow Time receives a +20% melee bonus and the next critical hit receives a +12.5% damage bonus after boosting in Slow Time.

Smokescreen [Tier 4, 1 lvl]: You teleport to a grenade when it explodes. Upon teleport, you become rendered invisible for 6s. 25% Increased grenade carrying capacity.

Fragment [Tier 4, 5 lvls]: Upon reflecting a projectile, it splits in to +2 identical projectiles which are sent to a different enemy.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Retaliation [Tier 5, 5 lvls]: +4% Damage reduction from all non-projectile ranged attacks. When hit by a non-projectile ranged attack, you gain +8% critical hit damage and +13% melee damage for 5s.

Spur Of The Moment [Tier 5, 5 lvls]: When moving, you gain +6% reload speed, weapon swap speed, fire rate and melee attack speed. Bonus is multiplied by 1.5 when sprinting.[/QUOTE]

Class Mods:

Hired Gun: +Critical hit damage, +gun damage. Efficient (Make Them Count), Sniping (Slay), Ex-Military (Double Tap)

Slasher: +Melee damage, melee attack speed. Sword Wielding (Tyrfing), Unrelenting (Hand Of The Iron God), Bloody (Blood Thirsty)

Abomination: +Movement speed, -shield recharge delay. Unpredictable ([B]Alternation[/B), Adaptive (Adapted Hunter), Sudden (Rush Down)

Super Soldier: +Shield capacity, +maximum health. Genetically Engineered (Invigorated), Cybernetic (A Clock Work Hourglass), Trained From Hell (No Loss, No Gain)

Dancer: +Melee damage, +critical hit damage. Awe-Inspiring (Adapted Hunter), Active (Cut Down), Weaving (Alternation)

Marksman: +Sniper rifle damage, -recoil. High Caliber (Thunderhead Pike), Skilled (Adapted Hunter), Patient (Slay)

Hound: +Shotgun damage, +movement speed. War (Alternation), Wild (Blood Thirsty), Race (Rush Down)

Combat Servant: +Team ammo capacity, +pistol damage. Available (Never Letting Go), Informative (Aggression), Distant (Terrified Reaction)

Yuki-Onna: +Cryo duration, +cryo chance. Gazing (Terrified Reaction), Ghastly (Elemental Hemorrhaging[/COLOR]), Murderous (Alternation[/COLOR])

Time Traveler: +Action skill cooldown rate. Hat Donning (Never Letting Go), Pocket Watch Possessing (A Clockwork Hourglass), Problem Solving (Make Them Count)

Celestial Assassin: +Critical hit damage, +melee damage, action skill cools down whilst it’s active. Make Them Count, Thunderhead Pike, Tyrfing, Aggression, Alternation, Rush Down

Echo Recorders:

Jack: Aliminis! Infamous assassin of the six colonised galaxies, glad you could come.
Aliminis: Feelings are mutual.
Jack: So, let’s get down to business; there’s a big ole’ vault on Elpis and I want YOU to join me in busting that sucka open.
Aliminis: Okay.
Jack: Brilliant, so, what’s your price? 4 Million bucks?
Aliminis: No.
Jack: 5 Million?
Aliminis: No.
Jack: 8?
Aliminis: Needs more.
Jack: Aw come on, I’m offering you enough money to build a mansion made of smaller mansions with one on the side for your butler, what else do you want?
Aliminis: Pet diamond kraggon.
Jack: PffffftHAHAHAHA, oh, that’s brilliant, pet diamond kraggon?! Hahaha ehehe… you’re not joking are you?
Aliminis: Nope.
Jack: Wow, when they said you were weird, they weren’t joking
Alimins (commenting): Me in a nutshell.

Part 1:
Bobby Sands: Aliminis is it? Great! Let’s get down to business.
Bobby Sands: So, there’s this jackhole named Dick McCready that I want dead. How much am I gonna have to pay for his head?
Aliminis: $75,000.
Bobby Sands: Damn, that’s pretty steep. Is there uh, anyway I could get that lowered?
Aliminis: 5 Kilograms of banana bread.
Bobby Sands: …What?
Aliminis: $40,000 and 5 kilograms of banana bread is also sufficient.
Bobby Sands: …Okay then, consider that done!