Character and mode suggestions

1)a massive 2 handed hammer user
2) someone with a pet (their abilities are pet based)
3) mounted characters (not a speed bonus just someone riding a cool beast.

A death match mode - maybe disable leveling up, to keep it more streamlined?

Invasion/Defense mode- 2 rounds, one team defending the other invading. Only invaders get minions, defenders get access to a lot of towers.

These would be cool additions.

Post more ideas people!

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We don’t need Reinhardt, we have Boldur[quote=“seanshineyouth, post:1, topic:1551711”]
someone with a pet (their abilities are pet based)

We have Shayne and Aurox and that was a pain in the ass for the Devs to create (well worth it though)

Boldur riding a cedar bear? That’s all I can think of.

This game is not about that and if you really want TDM then you can just play face-off[quote=“seanshineyouth, post:1, topic:1551711”]
maybe disable leveling up, to keep it more streamlined?

The Devs have said that they are not going to do this for any future game mode. They wanted the leveling system and they aren’t going to get rid of it.


Love the character ideas! I still want mine too :slight_smile: mounted characters are just too awesome… montanas bear sounds totally amazing…

But the pet thing doesn’t have to be anything all that much different than marquis’ owl. They did it in smite with several toons. The pets would be visible but their attacks would be character abilities… not independent entities…

I def don’t want to lose the leveling altogether just thought maybe that for deathmatch mode might be good.

You beat me to it. I had one of those last night, a Benedict who just ran (flew) around killing everyone stealing masks and had the most turned in despite 5 Varelsi kills to my 36 and 40 team Varelsi to our 105. Yeah, we lost too. Worst mode ever.


… ur suggestion is for me to play a mode that sucks instead of have a team deatchmatch lol. The problems with mask mode are many, not least of which is map design. Mask mode is more akin to kill confirmed in COD than deatchmatch.

Deathmatch could be done right, and it wouldn’t take much. If the devs didn’t want to do away with the leveling system they could just have everyone start off at level 10, choose their build and battle it out. The point of my previous suggestion was really just to eliminate power gaps between players for a mode like TDM, not to do away with the helix altogether.

And by the way, I’d love to play mask mode, but I’m certainly not gonna play against the twinks who make playing online suck. GBX needs to add an AI mode for this game mode.

My implication was that Face-Off is essentially the team deathmatch mode of Battleborn. Your team can kill as many Varelsi as they like, but if the opposing team simply kills you and steals your masks they will win, which in essence defeats the purpose of playing the objective as kill teams often win against objective teams.

They are essentially the same mode, in FO you can choose to only turn in enough masks to win whereas in KC you can choose to only collect enough tags to win, in both modes you can deliberately farm kills until the timer runs down and just do enough to win without ending the match.

The devs have stated that there will never be a team death match mode, as well as fixed levels