Character balance and design philosophy

I do not understand the devs when it comes to character design… Please someone help me understand them… You have heroes that stand out from the pack like Galilea and Isic… Why pick any other hero for that role? They both have insane defense and do insane damage… Add in a healer to help either one and GG…

Why play any other ranged damage character when Isic has it all… insane lane clear, insane damage, and insane defense… Same with picking a tanky melee role when it comes to Galilea… Same for Support, Miko and Reyna… Why pick any of the other support when they are better than the rest…

Why would they my a hero that does insane damage and has some of the best defense in the game? Does that make sense to anyone?

Because I like Mellka better lol. I’ve never played with ISIC because he doesn’t appeal to me. I like Gali but I pretty much avoid her because of a) the scorn you get for picking the “OP character” and b) because I’m not THAT great with her so teammates tend to rag on you for not going 50-0 k/d

The intent for this game is that everyone is overpowered if played properly. I main kleese and wreck face. Yea isic and Galilea are good but trust me everyone is capable of being that good. A good Montana can be damn near impossible to kill. I have seen one of every single character (except whiskey the poor fellow) in this game just dominate a game cause it’s doable. And that was the intent, if everyone is played right it balances out because they are all broken and overpowered essentially. I also play a lot of isic and while he is amazing I can promise you everyone has just as much potential, and if I see you on the battle field playing isic or galilea be ready cause kleese is coming to melt your face! >:D

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LOL :joy:

In your dream world all of that might be true… But in reality devs have to nerf or buff heroes all the time in games like this… That is why there are balance patches… Yet in this game the devs seem to really be lacking in the balancing heroes department…

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I guess I’ll just have to disagree. I think they are fairly balanced and as people start learning the intricacies of the game that will show more clearly but it’s only week 1 and people are still learning

They already nerfed some heroes so not it was not balanced… And its not even close to being balanced…

I think those nerfs were unwarranted aside from Galilea possibly. The others were balanced and only required intelligent play and I know balancing is going to happen I just think jumping the gun is a mistake as people learn the game better we may see nerfs being undone because people are no longer viable. There are small tweaks needed but only a few (other than glitches and some banding issues they need to fix stat)

I agree with you man. No hero I have tried feels terrible, just some fit different roles and playstyle takes a while to develop. Kleese is a great example, I main him too and see a lot of people say he’s weak when I actually feel bad when I get the rifts going and the enemy team just can’t push to win. Took me a few games to realize I shouldn’t try to trade wrist laser pew pew with legitimate ranged dps though and that was a frustrating lesson.

Pick a character and stick with it, I really think every character has the potential to be awesome.

I’VE SEEN WHISKY REK A GAME!!! I was with a group of fellow forumites, and I’m pretty darn sure we all at least played Open Beta, and it’s not improbable for a few to have been part of CTT. Whisky owned.

I wouldn’t doubt it he is just the only one I’ve never actually seen accomplish the task. Whiskey has tons of potential but I couldn’t play him that’s for sure. Lol

I don’t completely agree with SadisticIV, but he does have a point about Galilea and Isic feeling a bit overtuned. They are both tanks that deal a ton of damage while having very strong kits utility wise. I would not go so far as to say they are completely overpowered though.

Words of wisdom. Isic is very strong. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets toned down a little at some point. But I think the balance is remarkably even for such a large and diverse group of characters.

@tuba24 have you posted your Kleese build anywhere?

No, I have posted tips for fighting as kleese and against kleese throughout the forums kinda scattered but I haven’t posted an actual build for him yet.

Just unlocked him last night and tried him in a bot match earlier. I liked how his powers felt but it was obvious I wasn’t “doing it right”. As @dlamars said, trying to trade fire did not go well. Do I recall correctly that you said you almost never used mortars? How do you survive in melee range to use the taser?

The mortars I use to slow, both in escape and attack. Otherwise they are borderline unused. The taser has enough range to stay outside of melee range while doing constant damage, you can even use it to get someone below you if you are above them. If you are getting meleed, run and don’t underestimate the ability to fly ABOVE them so they can’t melee you, the float works for that. You can also aim, shoot, put down rifts, and other stuff while floating and you will continue to go in the direction you initiated the float in.

Also, if you happen to fight in your rifts run around in them and prolong the fight with taser cause if you can juke them well and keep ur wards in play you can take 2-3 enemy battleborn by yourself. Also, taser interupts sprint, so having it running stops almost all escapes if you have an ally with you to help cc them , but when they run its usually too late. And stealth doesn’t stop taser, even if they are stealthed before you cast it will still find them. So use it as much to reveal their position as damage people like Oscar mike and Shane

Also, your sheild is huge and will comeback fast with wards, your health? Not so much. If you have no sheild do not even poke that bald head around a corner till its back up. YOU WILL DIE. And that would be sad

Thanks for the tips. As I said, he felt pretty good (there are characters I know within a few seconds were not going to be for me, if you know what I mean), and much faster than I expected.

Need to spend some time learning the nuances, as I think he has more than some of the others.

Communication helps him too. Bring the fight to the wards. If your team does that also you will all have more success. His supportiveness comes naturally from creating a location to win a fight and control the game from. And that location is mobile!

And I’m with you. The people I play and enjoy I knew I would when I first played them and others I hated on the first try and don’t care for. A Badass for every Badass like they said.