Character Balancing - THANK YOU!

Kudos to the team at Gearbox for rolling out character balances during the beta, day 2 of the PC beta access! Gallilea was unstoppable and with El Dragon backing her up, my friends and I ran into a few unmanageable teams. I do wonder why Ghalt got such a huge buff when no one on the PC has had any time, really, to put into him. Level 40 unlock?! There are a few characters who are pretty much out of reach (Toby, we want you SOOO MUCH!!!). In either case, I am glad the feedback and metrics are being used effectively to turn what could have been just a hype demo into an actual test! You guys rock!

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I’ve been playing on Ps4 since the open beta started and grinded non-stop to get Ghalt because he seemed so cool. I knew how to set up the traps and hooks but was very disappointed when I couldn’t even secure a kill at close range let alone mid range. He was advertised as someone that you would need to flank and outsmart in order to kill but he couldn’t even win a 1 v 1. His buff was fantastic and everything he needed honestly.

There’s also the data from the Early Acces regarding Ghalt. Plus Ambra and Galilea (and maybe El Dragon) were already being looked at thanks to the Early Access data and feedback.

I unlocked Toby seemingly pretty early (By accident, wasn’t even trying). He is really fun but I don’t feel like I perform best with him (But I’m still learning characters and it may change with the rebalancing)